5 thoughts on “Going Scilly

  1. Dear Sir,

    Going Scilly Essay the way you narrated about that place, climate, and their way of life and mode of transport which they are using for their daily routine, pottery, and so many things, it was quite good. When I read, I felt as if I traveled and enjoyed there without spending my own money.

    Thank you Sir, I am very kind of you and your writing.


  2. CSSThey The Scilly Isles could be beautiful. I ‘ve read a book about the UK and only for few weeks ago I’ve heard first about them. I am very happy that we will deal about not only the Scilly Isles but about Great Britain. Reading this book I realized that what a little I know about the UK. And I decided that I would like to make up for what I has missed, My knowledge about the UK is found wanting. It is a coincidence that you wrote us this essay of which theme is what I would like to deal with it.

    So many thanks for that theme.

    Best regards:
    Kati Svaby

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  4. I always reading the essays that get posted on the newsletter. Alan Townsend has a nice conversational style of writing and I found it easy to picture myself there on the islands, seeing all that he described. Thoroughly enjoyed this essay — had a smile on my face almost the entire time.