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Since oil has become more scarce and awareness of climate change is rising, Chinese auto makers, known for their fuel-efficient technology, have increased their international sales. While many popular Chinese car manufacturers were focusing their development efforts on foreign markets, Chery used that opportunity to debut with a new domestic line of cars in 1999. Just two years later in 2001, the company began exporting, overtaking Chinese passenger car exports by 2003. With such rapid success thus far, now being one of the largest car makers in the world, the company will likely infiltrate the German markets very soon.

What does this expansion of Chery to German markets have to do with the domain name In German, the abbreviation AG stands for the German equivalent to «incorporated,» or «Inc.» Thus, domain names ending in .ag bring a certain level of prestige to the website as opposed to .de domain names, for instance, even though .de is the official domain assigned to Germany. Although the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, also referred to as IANA, originally assigned the .ag domain to Antigua and Barbuda, German corporations quickly realized how well the domain applies to their businesses, and the Germans bought the domain from the small island nation.

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