How googley is Zfort Group? (Affliate Program)

Yes, this question might a bit hard to digest. First, there is the word ‘googley’ which probably isn’t listed in your dictionary yet. It’s the adjective of the noun ‘google’ and it usually is used to describe companies, devises, websites or other system. If something is googley, it’s innovative, user-friendly and successful.

The second word that needs an explanation is ‘Zfort’. It’s the name of an IT outsourcing firm that became English-Team’s web development company in 2011. You can read an introduction to Zfort here: Friendly Websites by Zfort Group

English-Team’s goal is to generate $3000 in sales together with Zfort Group by the end of November 2012. I’m convinced that Zfort is very googley and I love doing business with them. Being a client as well as a business partner is an excellent position. So, what is the plan? Together we are going to create an affiliate program that helps companies and indiviuals from around the world to benefit from Zfort Group’s excellent web development services.

On the English-Team website there will be a page or several pages with information about Zfort Group and our partnership. The first version of the page will have the following features, contents and elements:

  • referral tracking — it allows us to see how many visitors and page views were generated to
  • affiliate program — English-Team earns a percentage of each referral sale it sends to Zfort Group, similar to one at SiteBuild
  • testimonials — clients will write how happy (or unhappy) they are with Zfort Group
  • interviews with Zfort staff and management as in this example: Interview with Alexander Lanin of Zfort Group
  • examples of sites Zfort Group has created and maintained with English-Team
  • an interactive questionnaire featuring questions like ‘What do you want us to do — maintain your existing website, rebuild it or create a site from scratch?’ etc. We need to make the sales process as easy for the customer as possible. Here is a draft: Interactive Web Development Questionnaire
  • there should be a display of the services and packages Zfort offers that can look similar to this one: GoldHat Web Marketing Services

English-Team will be promoting the page primarily through the newsletter which has more than 250.000 subscribers from more than 200 countries. Many of them work for companies that need web development and IT services and are looking for a new provider and partner. In total, English-Team can send out millions of emails featuring Zfort’s services so even if the response rate is lower than 0.01% there still will be a substantial number of new clients.

The affiliate program pages will be at least in two languages — English and German so we can reach the German market too. The EU headquarters of Zfort Group will probably be in Germany so we’ll need to register and and maybe even set up an office within the next 3 years.

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