How to Prepare for an English Exam?

How to Prepare for an English Exam? Unlike other subjects, English is not governed by a definite set of formulas or rules. This could mean both good and bad news for a student preparing for an English exam. The bad news quite

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obviously is that you can’t just learn a few facts and formulas and expect to ace the test but the good news is that it allows you to be creative and apply your ideas liberally. Having said that, it is just as important to have a well-defined framework to prepare for an English exam. Structure An English exam essentially aims to test your comprehension and expression abilities. It tries to measure the level of coherence in your pattern of thinking. Therefore, structure is very important while writing a response answer in an English exam. Every argument that you present in an essay must have a proper introduction, followed by the core body and the conclusion must string together all the elements finally leading to the climax. Any student can have such a sound structure only if he or she has understood the finer details of a literary text. The experience of reading an English text can be very different from others. The underlying currents and nuances assume prime importance and every effort must be made to grasp these properly. Once you have understood a text in its totality, you can form an opinion in your mind and then present it in the form of a holistic response. Contextualisation

Another factor to consider while preparing for an English exam is contextualisation. It would be a grave error to try and read a text in isolation from the conditions it was written in or the perspective of the author and several other

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things. Make sure that you factor such things in your preparation. If you really want to ace an English exam, try to get your hands on extra reading material related to the main subject in some manner. Nothing impresses an examiner more than the extra effort put in by an enthusiastic student. The extra knowledge also adds a level of depth and detail to your answer. Now that we have mentioned the do’s, let’s quickly run through one of the most cardinal don’ts in an English exam. Never contradict yourself while presenting an argument. There is a difference between presenting two sides of an argument and contradicting yourself altogether. While the former comes highly recommended, the latter betrays a lack of understanding on the part of the student. Finally, even though it’s an English exam and facts don’t matter too much, it is always a good idea to be thorough with your texts. Going the extra mile and adding a few textual details here and there can potentially work wonders for you. This was a guest post by Susanna, UK-based writer, currently writing for Pearson PTE English Test


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