Recorded Skype sessions

These recordings were taken today during a Skype session Megan Noel Wilber held with Mujibur and Maricio, two of our forum users. There will be one free Skype conversation training session for our forum users every Sunday.



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42 thoughts on “Recorded Skype sessions

  1. Hi, Megan Noel Wilber and Torsten

    Its really impressive session you’ve stated. I really love it. I want to speak too, so please enlist me for this session.


    Abbas Khan

  2. Dear Abbas Khan,

    Thank you very much for your interest in taking part in our free Skype session. To add you to the conference call we’d need to your Skype ID.

    Many thanks,

  3. Hi Torsten, my Skype ID is huynh.tuyet.suong, can you add me to the conference call too???it’s really helpful to improve my english skill

  4. Hello Huynh,

    I will forward your Skype ID to Megan and she will call you on Sunday.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi,

    I’d like to participate in that shkype session too.
    My SkypeID is amr.2233


  6. Hi i am Anita and will like to participate to the Skype session.
    my id Skype is: REINEANI

    thanks hope i am not late for todays!

  7. Please consider me as a participant of the Skype session of October 16th.

    Best regards,


  8. Hi Torsten
    My skype ID is abbassrsp. and I ‘ll be waiting for next session on 23rd of Oct.

    Abbas Khan

  9. Hi, Torsten,
    I’m going to take the TOEFL test, so I need to practice my speaking and listening. So I hope I can join the group.
    My skype ID: tigressmay75

  10. Dear May,

    Thanks for your interest in joining our weekly Skype sessions. I will add you to my Skype account. The next Skype session will be held Wednesday the 26th of October at 4pm Western European Time. You can keep up with the latest dates and times for this weekly group session on our forum here

    I look forward to talking with you!

    Take care!

  11. Hi Torsten!
    mu Skype id = mildtwinkle
    i am from Pakistan i would really like to participate in this group session as i am taking my Ielts examination soon it can help me in improving my speaking and listening ability .
    please add me Megan

    p.s my exam in 25th November 2011 let me know if a session we conducting before this before this

    best regards

    • Dear Noorulain,

      I see that you have already posted this message on the forum too so I’m sure Megan will read it and add your Skype ID to the call. Yes, the next session is the day after tomorrow, Friday, November 18 which is one week before your exam.

      Best regards,

  12. hello.pls include me in the skype session,my skype id is clarivel061976

  13. Hi,
    You made a wonderful job. It is really interesting, I just listened a part of that. I am studding for TOEFL and I would like to join the sessions. Please let me know when your sessions begin based on the US central time and how I can join the group.

  14. Hi)
    I’m Abay. I’m 17.I’ve just read it and become very interested in skype session.I’m going to pass my IELTS exam.I think ,i know english very well but it’s a bit difficult to me speaking in english.I’d be very glad if you join me and help me with my speaking.
    My skype id: abai15

  15. hi my name is chaelogos, i need to skype sessions pleases,,,? i really want to learn english pleases. my skype name Chaelogoszn

  16. I am grateful and would request you to kindly add me at amit.dawar7 and help to enhance the spoke English . God bless you

      • HI Megan,
        A lot of thanks dear Megan. Really i am very happy doing your class. I could not attend on Jan.17′ class.I do not know why class had not started . My friends and i were waiting there for start to class. I want to attened your upcoming class. It will be start on Jan.20th at 7pm (in India).Please secure me and my friends.
        Thanks again

    • Dear Lekimkieuanh,

      Skype is a program you can use to chat or call with other people around the world for free (when you use your computer and call to another computer). You can check out Skype here

      Take care!

  17. Hi,

    I would like to take part in the skype session with Megan. Could you please add me? My skype id is isa.tomas2.

    See you.


  18. Hi dear Torsten,
    I am so happy that see your kind face here. Approximately for one year I’m one of your nice website’s membership.During these time never I don’t see your face,but always read your beneficial comments. Thanks for your help to all of the enthusiastic people.
    I am a membership of ooVoo , but unfortunately I can’t be success to find Madam Megan Noel Wiber.May I ask you what her ID is?

  19. Really ,I am so interested i n taking apart in skype session with you megan . I am from egypt and i want know 4 pm in USA !

  20. Thanks Megan ,
    After doing your class i became very happy . I want to speak english fluenty . It was my dream .I hope it is about to come true . I want to do your upcomingclass which is on Jan.20th at 6:30 ( in India).My friends also want to join this .Please secure us.

  21. This idea is very helpful specially for students like us who wants to learn english. I am just wondering, is this free conference still on schedule?
    I would like to join.
    My skype ID: daryl.marrero
    Thank you very much in advance.

  22. Hi English-team,
    I want to be a participant of your lesson. My Skype ID is the_bell_rings. Can you add me, please.?
    And can you tell when will we have the next lesson?

    Thank you so much!

  23. Hi Torsten
    I really loved your sessions, and I want to speak and practice my English, so could you please enlist me for this session. My Skype ID: htawab

  24. Hi Megan,
    I’d like to take part in this speaking session. I’m from Vietnam. Please enlist me. My skype id is daisyinthedawn. Thank you!

  25. Hi nice to meet you!

    My name is Marco, i’m computer engineer and looking for improve my english speaking.

    I wanna join to english session, how is it possible?


  26. Hello Megan,
    I would like to join the speaking session to improve my listening and speaking for the TOEFL test. Here is my skype: djangone.armel.

  27. I want to improve my speaking in english … Please add me my skype id : ahmed.abdulla16

  28. I would like to join the speaking session on skype. I really need to improve my speaking. Please add me , my skype is: Anabaeur1.

  29. I would like to join the speaking session on skype to improve my listing and speaking for the TOEFL Test, please kindly add my name. My Skype is cecico3.

  30. Hi, I really want to practice speaking English.
    My skype ID is nguyenduongan56