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  2. In my understanding the English4winner approach is a very efficent and dynamic method to learn / to improve our English proficiency.
    Congratulation to the very creative people aroud Torsten for developing this very creative method.
    Many thanks to Torsten and his innovative team.
    with my best wishes
    Uli .

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  5. I trying to do how i can get way to learning with ‘English for Winner’ but I very confusing to login my account,can you give me any easy suggestion how can i do to start learning with you team.

    Hope you reply me in my email
    thank you.

  6. Well, I’m starting to learn English because I have go to Canada, but it’s hard to learn English in bit time and I’m trying at learn as fast as I can. Maybe it is obvious to say it but I’ll need help.
    So, I was looking for a page that someone could help me this. I look forward get into my short or large goal………..

  7. I used to be fluent in English during my high school days. When I got to university I lost all that command as I had to shift my focus from trying to be a good English communicator both orally and in writing to concentrating on my varsity studies. I had no time to read good novels and develop a vocabulary to help me improve my English. My English has deteriorated to such an extent that I no longer feel free to communicate in it in the presence of my colleagues. This is a cause for worry for me as I know how good I used to be back then. What can I do to make my situation better and better every one day?

  8. My personal opinion is that the learning of a foreign language depends on the method we are focusing and our determination to overcome setbacks.
    I’m a 73 year old retired man English student.
    I believe that the biggest frustration of an English student is to study a foreign language for years and see that there is no progress.
    I am anxious to check the contents of the material of this site because I confess I have never seen something similar so far.
    I do like CNN Channel and I need to understand it 100% because this is a challenge for me.
    As for you that is reading this message by chance, I advise not to give up your interest in studying this language because is an interesting and useful way to communicate with the world.
    God bless and keep you

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