English for Winners Training 2013

Dear [FRIEND], how serious are you about improving your English? Are you really serious or do you just prefer to dilly dally around? If you are indeed serious, you need to attend our English For Winners Training in 2013 in Leipzig, Germany. The workshop is the most important event in the ESL industry (English as a Second Language) because you will meet the top performers from around the world. Those are people who have made up their minds to become winners through learning to speak English

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like native speakers. Who will be your trainer? Me, Torsten Daerr. You will benefit from my experience as an English trainer and Internet business person. At the end of the training online slots seminar you receive the internationally recognized English For Winners Certificate and your personal English For Winners T-Shirt. You can use the English For Winners Certificate to get a new job, negotiate a salary increase and you can show it your friends and family. In the English For Winners workshop you will learn a lot of things such Betsson valittiin parhaaksi “ Sportsbook Operator of the Year” kategoriassa 23. as how to learn English like a winner, how to effectively prepare for an English language exam and how to integrate English into your daily routines.

Sound interesting? Then you should hurry. Each workshop is for a maximum of 10 winners only and places are filling up quickly. If you book your EFW workshop now, you”ll get a whopping 20% discount. So act like a real winner and book now by clicking here: Ah, you first want know what you”ll get for your hard earned cash? Sure, here is a rundown of the key workshop”s key features and contents:

New Skype Conversational English Recordings with Megan Noel Wilber – 11 Jan. 2012

Here are the latest Skype Conversational English recordings with Megan Noel Wilber from the 11th of January 2012. cgoosepjsjackets

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Topic: Ask Your Own Questions Questions: 1. Marko – Do you have any pets? 2. Ril Ra – What kind of music do you like? 3. Sukanya – What does technology mean to you and how has it changed your life? 4. Sandy – What”s your favorite book? 5. Yuri – What is the most popular non-alcoholic beverage where you live? 6. Amita – Is fame better than money? 7. Sampath – Is beauty really skin deep? 8. Marko – Do you have special talents? 9. Ril Ra – What is your favorite flavor? 10. Sukanya – What is more important in your life, career or family? Recording Part 1 Recording Part 2 Recording Part 3

Recording Part 4 Recording Part 5 Recording Part 6 Recording Part 7 Recording Part 8 Recording Part 9


New Skype Conversational English Recordings with Megan Noel Wilber – 8 Jan. 2012

Here are the latest Skype Conversational English recordings with Megan Noel Wilber from the 8th of January 2012. Topic: Stress Questions: 1. What is stress? 2. How do you deal with stress in your life? 3. Name 3 things

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that cause you stress in your life. 4. What are some physical and mental side effects caused by stress? 5. Do you feel stressed easily? 6. How can you live a stress free life? 7. What can you do to help someone alleviate stress in their life? Stress is something we all deal with in life, whether it’s related to work or our personal lives. We’ve all had to find ways to manage stress. So I wanted to create a topic with questions asking others how they deal with their own stress. Recording Part 1 Recording Part 2 Recording Part 3 Recording Part 4 Recording Part 5 Recording Part 6 Recording Part 7 Recording Part 8


English language training Gera (Turntable Project)

There are two groups in Gera which consist of about 8 young people (they are all in their early 20ies). The female/male ratio is roughly 50/50. Both groups are on a program called ‘Turntable’ the idea of which is to help them find a new job in Germany or another European country. Some of the participants are at B1.2 or even B2 while others are still at A2 and even A1. Still, they are all very interested in using and improving their English. Here are the topics I have covered with them so far:

  • the NATO alphabet
  • English abbreviations used in German (FBI, CIA, CSI, OK, JFK, GI, George W, BBC, CNN, IBM, J. Lo, USB, JR, YMCA, DJ, VIP, ET, IT, etc.)
  • spelling words with and without the NATO alphabet
  • English words used in German (we first brainstormed them, then we put them into the following categories: entertainment/music/movies, technology and communication, sports, business and commerce)
  • the EU: countries, capitals, nationalities, languages, currencies (the groups did most of this themselves, I only had to add about 20% of the information)
  • reading an article on using YouTube and cell phones in the classroom, discussing the pros and cons of allowing electronic devices in the classroom
  • preparing and giving a presentation on their favorite pop/rock band (one person, Pawel is actually the lead singer in the Heavy Metal band ‘Barracuda Bite’. He presented some songs from their first album including the video they have produced. It looks very professional.)
  • grammar: simple present, present progressive
  • reading and discussion: smoking ban in public places in Germany, the EU and the US
Please review all of the items above. Then, have each group member prepare a presentation on their job and the companies they have applied for jobs so far. Some of the participants are
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interested in finding a job in the UK. Please help them create their CV/professional profile in English. The group can get access to the Internet so please incorporate online activities such as job search,

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booking a flight and hotel room, ordering office equipment, finding suppliers, etc.