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    • I am glad that you want to improve your English and the simple mistake in the sentence written is proof.

      In this regard I suggest a one month basic English course and would be happy to teach you in respect of both written and spoken English.

      Norma Wright
      LCCI Business English Teacher / Trainer / Examiner

  1. Hi Mishal,

    Nice to see your video. For my upcoming interview from out of country I want to improve my English conversation as soon as possible. I am doing heard work to constantly read and learn English via your website.

    Please give me your skype ID if you are providing online training.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful video.

    • Hello Maahal,

      Thank you for your interest in working with me. Please contact me so we can discuss a plan for you. My Skype id is: interactinenglish


  2. I would like to improve my English, lack of communication causes some problems in talking and writing. I love English but I don’t want to make mistakes. I start forgetting words and phrases, and I cannot express myself as I did before.
    How can I improve my skills with your help? Thank you for the answer!