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  1. I can only see cosmetic stuff – gui design – where’s the content? How are users told how things work? How are they told where they have made errors and how are they helped to correct them?
    Is this a genuine teaching app or a chance to make some money before the naive get wise? At the moment it’s useless. It’s also NOT the 1st free TOEIC app.

  2. Dear Ijk, many thanks for your message. If you read the post again you will see that it is written in future tense, not present tense. In other words: The app will be launched in a few weeks and it will feature 5 full length TOEIC tests which are already online on our site. Also, I would like to see a free app that features at least one full length TOEIC test. So far I have not been able to find it — neither in the Apple app store/iTunes nor on Google Play. Can you please give me the link to the app you are referring to? Best regards, Torsten Daerr

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  4. I have some ideas about the way i would like to see tests in the future for my english students and would like to be a beta tester.

    I would like to see more of the app before passing judgement and giving feedback.

    Thank you

    Richard Jones

    • Dear Richard, thank you very much for your interest. If you have an iOS device you soon will be able to test our TOEIC app. It’s scheduled to go online tomorrow. You will receive an email with the download link. Best regards, Torsten

  5. Hi,

    I’m a educational desgin student (MA) and an amatuer programmer and web designer. I also teach ESL and am currently teaching TOEIC prep classes part-time (I do courses focued on the listening and vocabulary). I’d love to get in on the beta-testing.

  6. I’ve just downloaded the latest updaye for my iPhone4 and iPad, so I don’t mind trying it out and giving you feedback.
    Shameem :)

  7. Thanks for the invite , I would like put the app through its paces before making any judgement .i use iphone4s

  8. wow! Thanks a lot Torsten for this great app. english-test.net . I really enjoyed using it. It helps me to comprehend what a native speakers says in a normal speed. Interesting!!! I made many mistakes.

  9. Hi,

    I would be glad to help if this app supports iPhone 3GS.

    Best Regards
    Geoffrey KTL

  10. Torsten,
    How unfortunate I am. I don’t have both I-phone or I-pad, I just use Android. Hopefully next time you and your team will launch App for Android. :D

    • You are very fortunate to have an Android device because Android will soon be the number one mobile OS.

  11. Hi there !
    I want to be part of it too.
    iPhone 4 version 6.0.1

    Thank you :-) )

  12. I like the COOL Color of your TOIC Ipad/iphone and I am very interested to use it since I am a dean in our college of Education and we offer Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I would appreciate iy very much if you will be a chance to be one of your selected Beta Testers. Thanks.

  13. TESOL teacher in Sydney AU. Would like the opportunity to test-drive your app.
    My device is a Samsung Note phone (N7000)
    Cheers Gary

  14. I would like to be a beta tester. I teach several TOEIC classes at international org & on campus in US. Thanks! EAJ

    • Dear Elizabeth James, many thanks for your interest in beta testing our TOEIC app. Can you please give me the UDID of your iOS device? Many thanks, Torsten Daerr

  15. Hi I would love to be a tester, but I too have an android phone (Samsung Galaxy ace). I train a lot of students for the TOEIC and am always looking for new materials. I’m sure this would be a great plus.

  16. I would love to be part of this great and help full app but unfortunately am android fun and user I have no intention of becoming iOS user but I would like to try this app. Pls update me when u test the android version.

    • No, that’s not our app. The app by Eknath Kadam doesn’t contain even one single complete TOEIC test. Ours has 5.

  17. Hi Torsten

    English test-net is an Excellent site. It is very attractive and helpful for learners of English language like me. You and your team are excellent, so the new application of course will be excellent. I’m sure and I trust you and your new application.
    I wish you and your team more progress world wide

    Thank you

  18. Respected Mr. Torsten

    There is no doubt that you and your team aim to improve English for everyone is really regard-able. You all are excellent people. I wish you and your team more progress in your goal. I want to get English environment where i speak English every time and become a good English speaker but i could not get this environment at here. I want to go to any European Country but I don’t have access for this.
    With best regards

  19. Hi there!

    I would like to be a beta tester for the TOEIC app as I regularly give TOEIC prep classes in France and I would love to give my input on strengths/weaknesses.

  20. I’d love to be a beta tester. My Ipad’s serial number is DLXFJ7WFDFHW. Your ideas are always great! Thanks a lot for sharing all these good resources with us!!

    • Dear Maria, thanks a lot for your support. You soon will get access to the beta version of our app. Best regards, Torsten

    • Sorry, I forgot to say hello! It’s too late for my neurons. I’ll be in bed in 5 sec, 4, 3, 2… ;o)

      Many thanks!!!


  21. Hi,
    I would like to test your appli ! I need to practice for TOEIC…
    I use an IPad 2.

  22. Well, I would be so happy if I could practice for TOEIC exam .

  23. I would be very interested to be a beta tester of this Iphone 5 TOEIC application.

    Please tell me more..

    Pascal, French Iphone 5 user (TOEIC 2008 : 820) Maybe I could improve my score with your application and let you know my first impression and /or possible improvement :)

  24. Hi this would befine to be one of the selected to test a very useful app, my Iphone is 87205vdxedg

  25. Learning in fact is the key for success so through my studies in the TOEIC. I’am aiming to be want l like to achieve but I want to masters first the App for a specific range like soccer thereafter I will care on. Is that correct?