English language training Gera (Turntable Project)

There are two groups in Gera which consist of about 8 young people (they are all in their early 20ies). The female/male ratio is roughly 50/50. Both groups are on a program called ‘Turntable’ the idea of which is to help them find a new job in Germany or another European country. Some of the participants are at B1.2 or even B2 while others are still at A2 and even A1. Still, they are all very interested in using and improving their English. Here are the topics I have covered with them so far:

  • the NATO alphabet
  • English abbreviations used in German (FBI, CIA, CSI, OK, JFK, GI, George W, BBC, CNN, IBM, J. Lo, USB, JR, YMCA, DJ, VIP, ET, IT, etc.)
  • spelling words with and without the NATO alphabet
  • English words used in German (we first brainstormed them, then we put them into the following categories: entertainment/music/movies, technology and communication, sports, business and commerce)
  • the EU: countries, capitals, nationalities, languages, currencies (the groups did most of this themselves, I only had to add about 20% of the information)
  • reading an article on using YouTube and cell phones in the classroom, discussing the pros and cons of allowing electronic devices in the classroom
  • preparing and giving a presentation on their favorite pop/rock band (one person, Pawel is actually the lead singer in the Heavy Metal band ‘Barracuda Bite’. He presented some songs from their first album including the video they have produced. It looks very professional.)
  • grammar: simple present, present progressive
  • reading and discussion: smoking ban in public places in Germany, the EU and the US
Please review all of the items above. Then, have each group member prepare a presentation on their job and the companies they have applied for jobs so far. Some of the participants are
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interested in finding a job in the UK. Please help them create their CV/professional profile in English. The group can get access to the Internet so please incorporate online activities such as job search,

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booking a flight and hotel room, ordering office equipment, finding suppliers, etc.


10 thoughts on “English language training Gera (Turntable Project)

  1. Hello, I am available to teach on January 3, 5, and 6 all day.

    • Dear Marie,

      Thank you very much for your swift response. I also have read your email. Many thanks. Can you please tell me where you are located? I’m asking this because I’d like to make sure you can arrive in Gera on time and you won’t need to spend too much money and time on commuting. Also, if possible please send me your resume/professional profile so I have some more information about you.

      Best regards,

  2. Hello, I am available to teach Jan 2nd, Jan 5th, and Jan 6th. My qualifications are known: I can speak German, native English guy from the USA, TOEFL certified, Bachelors from Los Angeles, and Master in Business Administrative student. I have been working Germany since 2008. Please confirm which dates you need me. Thank you for your time. -David Rinderknecht 015124126075

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for posting your response on the blog so Marie can read it too. As it stands now, we still would need a trainer for January 4. It will be very difficult to have three trainers for one week so ideally either you or Marie would be doing January 2 too. Also, there might a trainer who is available for the entire week.

  3. Hi Torsten,

    I am free to teach the whole week. As you know I live in Leipzig and I could either commute or stay in Gera. My qualifications are already known to you: Master student of English (Level C1), native speaker of German, teaching experience on different levels of English.
    Thanks in advance.
    Bye, Torsten

  4. Hi Torsten,

    Thanks a lot for your response. You have the job. Congratulations. I will post an update on the project by end of next week.

    Best regards,

  5. Dear Torsten,

    I’m interested in this job in Gera. Ich Deutsch Sprechen aber noch nicht perfekt. Mein Deutsche Grammatik ist typisch schlecht und meinen vocabularie ist zu klein. As you know I am educated to MA level and have the Trinity TESOL certificate. If you want copies of these certificates or a full, current CV, then please ask for one. I also possess a full, clean driving licence.

    Yours sincerely,

    Paul Murphy, BA (Hons), MA, certTESOL

    • Dear Paul,

      Many thanks for your interest in working in Gera. We have already given this job to Torsten Meuche but we do have another training course from February 6 until April 30 in Eilenburg. Would you be interested in that one too? Yes, please do send me your current CV and copies of your certificates.

      Best regards,

  6. Hello all,
    So I was in Gera Wednesday and Thursday (July 25 and 26) and I taught the class. For the next teacher:
    The students are a bit unmotivated and you will have to give some effort. As the administrative/office/lady in charge person told me “have realistic expectations from them, and be very patient with them.”. She used other words, but I’m giving you the summary of it. :) … The young are nice and friendly, but be patient.

    First day we introduced ourselves, got to know each other and played get to know you game/questions. Then the students (and leader) recommended we start from square one. So we started with subject pronouns, basic sent stricture and the present simple. I explained the therky in great detail, and gave 15 examples or more. I gave the students book exercises from grammar books, and from handouts. Some students worked hard and asked questions and others chose to be difficult and has to be asked 4,5,6 times to do the ecersices. We continued with neg PS, question building and understanding the difference between all.
    The second day we covered present continuous, and repeated the same format. Pos, neg, question– theroy explaination on board with many examples. Students ask questions, they give vocal examples, and also do exerssices. We also did a comparison between PS and PC and some students got it in the end. At the end we did a crossword puzzle about interviewing vocabulary, and they did this pretty well.

    It’s a group you need patience with, but you can do it.

  7. Hi I am not applying to teach as I have a teaching position in Gera already available in September. I was wondering whether anyone knew where the best place to live is to meet young people? I am a student and am 20 and have no idea where to start looking in terms of accommodation! If anyone could help that would be much appreciated.


    Vicky Walker