One thought on “Why any IT company needs to run their own forum

  1. I agree that companies should include a place where colleagues from the same branches can exchange ideas, find solutions for their problems or even share the solution to some problem other colleagues have. Unfortunately the problem Ukrainian companies have was also present in Serbia few years ago.

    Today I think that if you look at it globally the main problem is that companies want to keep everything for themselves because they think that this way they stay more competitive than the others. My colleagues and I are getting more and more frustrated because of that. A lot of stuff our developers know learned because of the fact that somebody was ready to share the knowledge or help when you have some problem.

    That’s why we decided on our new website to create a knowledge base section where we will let people register, leave comments on the posts and even write their own if they have some problem or maybe some interesting solution they came up with. This will for sure help us attract more people to approach us, but it is also a way to pay back to the community for the fact that we gained a lot from it.