Free Android English Test Apps

My name is Martin Kupkovič and I am a mobile app developer.

Torsten and I have decided to provide you mobile with applications with free English tests.

If you have an Android phone, tablet or another Android device (e.g. even rooted e-ink reader NOOK Simple Touch) and want to spend your spare time meaningfully, simply download these free apps and start learning English.

There are three apps for testing your English skills according to your level and one app for vocabulary training:

  • (level elementary)
  • (level intermediate)
  • (level advanced)
  • (vocabulary tests)

Work hard and build your score or simply play a round of Millionaire for fun.

Some  screenshots from “Test Your English I” and “Test Your English Vocabulary”

Test Your English I - main screenTest Your English I - test typesTest Your English I - correct answer!Test Your English I - Millionaire

Test Your English Vocabulary - main screenTest Your English Vocabulary - select testTest Your English Vocabulary - which is correct?Test Your English Vocabulary - can you solve this puzzle?


6 thoughts on “Free Android English Test Apps

  1. Quote:’If you have an Android phone, tablet or some another Android device’
    I think you mean another or some other as ‘another’ is made up from ‘an’ which means 1 and other. you can’t use some with 1.

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