How to Integrate WebRTC Into a Website

How to Integrate WebRTC Into a Website

Although such VoIP services as Skype have long been available, users on both ends who wished to engage in such conversations have had to download software and register for
Web Real-Time Communication does away with these constraints by resolving audio/video incompatibilities between disparate browsers on a variety of electronic devices. First offered as open-source in 2011, it gives Web developers a means of creating substantial real-time multimedia applications with no need for special installations, plug-ins or downloads. Why WebRTC Communication Matters The break-through technology of real-time Web-based audio/video capability and WebRTC mobile brings peer to peer voice and video communication to the next level, permitting data exchanges between such diverse electronic devices as PCs, laptops, desktops, mobile phones and television sets. The ability to initiate live video conferences directly from a browser could soon contribute to the obsolescence of such ubiquitous third-party solutions as Skype, ooVoo, WebEX and GoToMeeting. The Major Components of Web Real-Time Communication In a familiar base of JavaScript and HTML5, this technology is compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer through Chrome Frame. Its major components include: – getUserMedia: As the name implies, the get user media

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method allows the Web browser to gain access to both camera and microphone. The ability to get user media efficiently streamlines WebRTC’s Skype-like capabilities. – Peer Connection: The peer connection is the means by which the Web browser sets up audio/video calls for peer to peer voice and video chats and data transfer through a variety of peer to peer apps. – Peer-to-Peer Data Exchange: A low latency and high rate of message transfer enables such real-world uses as gaming, vidoeo streaming, real-time text and file transfers. It also facilitates various remote desktop and peer to peer apps. – Data Channels: WebRTC’s data channels permit the transmission of text or binary data over active connections. – Chrome Flags: The Google Chrome flags provide developers with an arena in which to enable or disable various functions and test the workings of newly coded features in Chrome. – Media Streams: As a means of access to the user’s camera and microphone, media streams can easily convert to object URLs for passage to video elements. Support The availability of WebRTC continues to spread. The browsers that currently support it include:

  • Google Chrome 21.
  • Opera 12.
  • Firefox 17.
  • Internet Explorer via Chrome Frame.

The Vision of Web Real-Time Communication The ability of this technology to provide real-time audio/video capabilities to a variety of Web applications should eventually allow PCs, mobile phones and television sets to speak to each other with ease. The hope of its developers is that Web Real-Time Communication and WebRTC mobile will allow the combination of JavaScript and HTML5 to bring the communications industry up to Web speed. Web Real-Time Communication and English-Team In the interest of enabling the real-time delivery of video-based language coaching sessions, English-Team plans to incorporate WebRTC technology into the upcoming relaunch of its website. This new capability will allow any user to initiate live meetings and vidoeo streaming directly from the browser. English-Team looks forward to benefiting from the increased efficiency that this new facility will provide.642-447


The Rise of the Coworking Industry

As more people abandon corporate culture in favor of working from home, they”re beginning to work together.gogoexam
Many times, proponents of working from a home office cite office politics, inflexible schedules, excessive supervision and long
commutes as reasons for making the switch. However, they also must give up some of the advantages the corporate office provided. For example:

  • Collaboration with a Team
  • Sharing of Ideas
  • An Environment without Domestic Distractions
  • The Atmosphere of Focused Work
  • And More

The Rise of Coworking

With more numbers, those who work from home started banding together as coworkers. The name of this new trend is coworking. The aim of coworking is to provide a working environment that restores the benefits of a group without re-introducing the drawbacks. Office politics is eliminated because rarely do coworkers share the same company or profession. There”s no jockeying for position or rank. Likewise, you”re free to come and go as you please, so the schedule places your life first.

At the same time, coworking encourages the benefits. Those who share working space adopt a culture of collaborating with each other. A focused atmosphere built around work eliminates distractions and allows you to work better.

Coworking vs. Executive Suites

Some people, when first introduced to the idea of coworking, say, “isn”t this the same as executive offices or suites?” In some instances, the appearance of a working environment triggers this response. However, it”s the culture of coworking that differs.

Executive offices often encourage solitude in an effort to prioritize professional image. Coworking, on the other hand, emphasizes people first. In most instances, the group organizes before the working space, and the synergy of the people becomes the backbone of the environment. Many coworking groups have started out of small apartments with like-minded entrepreneurs feeding on the energy of innovation.

Benefits of Coworking

In his study of wealth, Napoleon Hill identified the “master mind group” as a common trait among successful business people. Birds of a feather flock together, and your direct peer group has an enormous amount of influence on you. The single most important benefit is the association with other people striving to perform at their absolute best. By doing so, your work output and performance improve naturally.

The second greatest benefit of coworking is the availability of new ideas. Not just the encouragement from others who believe there”s always a way to do it, you also get the advantage of minds who may perceive solutions you never knew existed. In turn, your creativity improves. More benefits include:

  • Increased Sense of Belonging
  • Growing Your Business Networks
  • Shared Office Expenses
  • Mobility without Long-Term Contracts
  • Enhanced Personal Confidence
  • And So Much More

Coworking is on the rise, and it only shows signs of growing larger. With coworking centers available in most major cities in western countries, you may want to explore what coworking can do for you.

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iOS TOEIC Simulator — New Version

The first iOS based TOEIC Simulator has been used by more than 6000 TOEIC test candidates and English learners from around the world, especially from the USA, Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Japan and India. We are currently working on a new version which will be available through the Apple app store and iTunes by mid-April.

The new version will have improved functionality. For example, you will be able to see what your actual TOEIC score in both sections — listening comprehension as well as reading comprehension will be. In addition, you can compare your level of English with other learners from around the world. There will be a host of exciting features so watch this space: iOS TOEIC Test Simulator by English-Team.

Actually, our new logo needs to have the ‘TM’ sign because TOEIC is a registered trademark by ETS: TOEIC-Icon-512-v6a

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The first event at VOOMY IT-Park took place on March 12 and below you can read an article about it.

Dear residents and friends!

Tuesday, March 12 saw the first presentation of the start-up companies hosted by VOOMY COWORKING.

Each team had 3 minutes to talk about themselves as well as their project:
What is the idea, what kind of tasks is the start-up completing, at which stage is the project? After that, the VOOMY jury and the audience could ask questions and give their feedback.

So here are the teams that took part: – offers complex services for sales, social networking and Red cocktail dresses training aimed at Ukrainian handcrafters and marketing experts of handcrafts. – a system that processes photos and images in the cloud. allows any owner of a digital photocamera to access a powerful set of tools taking photo processing to its next level (ease of use, reliability, co-working and co-operating, photo quality). With you can edit and manage large image files (RAW, DNG) direclty through your browser.

Traffic Control – an interactive web service with mobile apps for drivers, providing precise Long evening dresses directions by using GPS and information of other drivers’ behaviors.

Plan B – a mobile social networking app for anyone who visits such places like cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc. helping users find other people to join them on their visits. Plan B uses a search algorithm that is based on a variety of profile criteria ensuring the app finds your perfect match.

In addition we heard of an idea for which we still need a project name. It’s a visual site editor for users who want to create websites without having a lot of technical know-how and web development skills. It allows anyone to quickly and easily create and manage a website about themselves, their services or their companies directly through their browsers.

The participants and guests at the event experienced a pleasant surprise when they saw a virtual presentation by Vitaliy Stavropolskiy, founder of VOOMY IT-Park, who could not attend physically. Via video conference he introduced his guests to his latest start-up company — VOOMY.BIZ which is one of the elements of the large VOOMY project. VOOMY.BIZ is a web service that provides any start-up entrepreneur with the necessary tools to start their business while they are still working as full-time employees for their current employers. Most start-up entrepreneurs need to keep their 9 – 5 job while they are creating their own company.

The first event by VOOMY COWORKING was a huge success and most of the participants stayed on after the official part to continue sharing their experiences and discussing questions related to their start-ups.

Мы благодарим всех выступающих, гостей и экспертов, которые внимательно слушали, задавали правильные вопросы, тем самым давая пищу для новых размышлений над проектами наших резидентов. До новых встреч!

We want to thank all presenters, guests and experts who took an active part in the first VOOMY COWORKING Event. See you all next time!


Why any IT company needs to run their own forum

If you offer IT services, especially web development, SEO, graphic design, dVintage prom dresses atabase management, eCommerce, etc. you need to run your own forum. Why? Very simple: because the web and the Internet all are about sharing information and what better medium can there be than a forum? Many web development companies use their own sites for self-promotion so they write things like “We are the best web development company” or “Red cocktail dresses We offer great IT solutions” or “We have proudly served clients from all around the world since 2002″. Who cares about what you have been doing and how great you are? Your customers will always be primarily interested in how they can solve their own problems. They don’t google phrases like ‘the best IT company in the world’ or ‘IT outsourcing’. What their employees google daily are very specific questions such as ‘how to re-size the WP window’ or ‘what are the advantages of Google App Engine’ or ‘how to monetize an app?’.

As a matter of fact, these examples are still rather general requests but I think you get the drift: people are rarely interested in reading about another company’s successes. In most cases people are looking for a solution to their own problems. That’s why as an IT company you simply can’t afford not to have your own forum where your developers, programmers and project managers discuss problems, share ideas, ask and answer questions and simply provide information and support. There should be different sections in your forum: one for programmers and IT specialists, one for existing clients, one for prospective clients, etc. For example, if a potential client wants to know what existing clients think about your services, they should find the answers on your forum.

Most Ukrainian IT companies are afraid of sharing information. The reason for this is because, especially in Ukraine, you simply don’t talk much about your success as a company because this attracts racketeers who force you to pay as much ‘protection money’ as they can possible squeeze out of you. That’s why on Ukrainian IT companies’ websites you usually don’t find any information as to who owns the company, even if the site is in English and caters to American and British clients. However, a few Ukrainian companies have started to give their clients more information about how they work and learn, which is a vital step towards growth. If you are in the web development industry your level of success largely depends on how effectively you manage and share information.


<!–:en–>First Event at VOOMY Park Kharkov<!–:–>

The first event at VOOMY COWORKING BETA takes place on March 12 at 9pm. There will be several teams of entrepreneurs and start-up companies representing their projects. Each team is going to be given 3 minutes to introduce their members and answer questions from the jury/audience.gogoexam
After that, each team has 5 minutes to talk about

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their projects and ideas. Then there will be a study case that shows how to promote SaaS. The purpose of the event is to get to know each other better and to understand what kind of projects the existing teams have already been working on. You can either do a pitch yourself or just watch the presentations. Here is the location: VOOMY Park, Khkarkov, Ukraine, ul. Kosmicheskaya 21, at the Kyivstar office on the 7th floor.642-832


<!–:en–>How do Ukrainian IT companies find clients in Germany? <!–:–>

For Ukrainian IT companies, Germany is one of the most important markets. Germany's GDP is about 40 times that of Ukraine's. The Germans generate more than 4bn euros in online sales per year while Ukraine's eCommerce industry is still in its infancy. With domestic demand extremely low, Ukrainian IT companies can survive and grow only if they sell their services abroad, especially to the US and EU.

So how exactly can you as a Ukrainian IT company start attracting German clients? The first step you need to take is to make sure you have the right reasons why you want to do business with the Germans. This might look like a no-brainer given the fact that Germany's IT industry is within the EU but if you tell your potential clients on your website that you just want a piece of the huge German IT cake, it will be very difficult for you to succeed. You should ask yourself these questions: What exactly are our goals? Why do we create software systems? Do we just enjoy programming and developing websites or is there more we want to do? Attracting large rich clients from Germany might be one of your goals but you have to think beyond your immediate needs if you want to succeed. Develop a keen interest in anything to do with Germany and the Germans. What do you know about the country and the people you want to sell your services to?

German IT companies have German customers so you should study their needs. Learn the language. Yes, it is true — quite a number of executives and even developers in German IT companies have a decent level of English, which means you can communicate with them in English. However, if you want to attract new German clients you need to at least make an effort to also communicate in German. As a Ukrainian IT specialist your English should be at least at B2, otherwise you won't be able to keep up with the developments in your industry. Since English and German belong to the same language family, it should be possible for you to reach at least A2 in German.

The Germans are at least as proud of their nationality and language as you are. Show your potential partners and clients that you are not just interested in their euros but also in their culture and way of thinking. You can do that only by learning German. It's not enough to just employ a few marketing or sales staff who took some German lessons at university. Someone in your company's management needs to speak German, because if you want to do business with German companies, you have to be able to express your thoughts in German and understand legal and technical documents written in German. What's more, your company needs to have a subsidiary in Germany. It's almost impossible for you solely as a Ukrainian company to sign a contract with a German client, because most Germans would never transfer any amount of money into a Ukrainian bank account.

Doing business with a foreign company requires an enormous amount of trust from both parties. If you don't have at least a subsidiary registered in Germany, no German company will purchase any services from you. When Germans think about Ukraine and Ukrainians, the first things that come to their minds are still negative: corruption, prostitution, AIDS, political instability and organized crime. Even German IT managers have rather negative connotations when it comes to Ukraine. It's a rare case that you meet a German business executive who knows that Ukraine is also an exporter of IT services. There are quite a number of reasons for this. First of all, Ukraine is a rather young IT export nation. When US IT companies started outsourcing their programming jobs in the early 70ies, they chose India because it was the only country where they could access cheap IT specialists.

The Soviet Union did already have a large pool of IT talent but it was not available for western companies because of the Iron Curtain. Up until the collapse of the Soviet Union nobody in the west knew that East Europeans also had highly qualified IT specialists. And after the Soviet Union crumbled, an enormous brain drain started during which many IT professionals, especially from places like Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Omsk and Ukraine, got hired away by IT companies based in Silicon Valley. The vast majority of those IT specialists from the Soviet Union who left the country went to work in the United States. Only a handful went to Germany because the Germans are much more conservative and inflexible when it comes to immigration than the Americans. The Americans focus on opportunity while the German focus on risk. When it comes to IT outsourcing and off-shoring, a German company will always see all the risks first. Their way of thinking goes likes this: “If we hire a Ukraine based company for our IT jobs, we will put our security at risk and become dependent on Ukrainians who are not to be trusted by nature. We might save some money in the beginning but later on we will have to pay for this decision several times as much as we had planned to save initially”.

Do all German business executives think negatively about Ukrainian IT companies? Certainly not. There is a certain percentage of Germans who see the benefits and advantages in outsourcing parts of their IT tasks to Ukrainian companies. Your goal as a Ukrainian IT company should be to find those German clients. Let's say 5% of all German companies are willing to hire a Ukrainian IT company. That's more than enough business for you. Your job is to find just those 5%.

Is it possible for you to pick up a few German clients without having a German subsidiary? It certainly is. Here is an example. The Kharkov based IT company X1Group has created an online shop system, apps and other web sites for the following three west German companies: SALE Onlinemarketing GmbH, meetOne GmbH and IDGV GmbH. I asked Valeriy Bykanov, CEO of X1Group how he was able to sign up those German companies and he said that it was by accident. One of the companies had posted a job on Elance and selected X1Group as the provider. Valeriy doesn't speak any German, all communication was in English as is usually the case on Elance. Since X1Group did a good job, the German client recommended Valeriy and his team to another German company and as result X1Group was able to provide services to 3 German companies. Can this approach produce sustainable results? Well, check X1Group's portfolio from time to time to find the answer.

Most Ukrainian IT companies do want to attract German business but the vast majority of them hope to sign up German clients without having a German subsidiary. They reason like this: “We first want to pick up a few German clients to make sure our German operation is profitable, then we might think about creating a German company”. This is the same approach as going to the bank and asking for some money without having made a deposit first. You as a Ukrainian IT company expect the German client to trust you although you have not yet opened a German office? This means that you yourself don't trust that your expansion into Germany will be successful, otherwise you would register a company in Germany first. In other words, you want your German clients to cover the risk of your German expansion. This is called 'the-poke-it-with-a-stick-approach'. You poke the pig with a stick and to see if it moves. If it doesn't, you simply give up. If you are sure you can provide a better service to German companies than local providers, you need to set for yourself the goal of establishing a company in Germany.


&lt;!–:en–&gt;How good is Google's Chromebook Pixel? &lt;!–:–&gt;

Starting at $1300, Google’s Chromebook Pixel isn’t even in the same categories as most other Chromebook models, which typically cost $200 to $600.

However, the Pixel is well worth the price premium for freelancers and other professionals who earn their living on their computers. It may not be a perfect machine, but it is by far the most capable Chromebook available on the market today.

Powerful Specs

At $1300 for a Wi-Fi-only model and $1450 for a version that can connect to Verizon’s LTE network, the Pixel is over twice as expensive as its less powerful cousins. Upon booting up the Pixel for the first time, users will immediately notice the gorgeous 13-inch touchscreen. With a 3:2 aspect ratio, it’s not the best screen for streaming widescreen movies. On the other hand, it works exceptionally well with most websites, which typically don’t take advantage of 16:9 displays.

With an incredibly sharp 2560×1700 resolution, the display blows 1080p desktop monitors away, and the touchscreen is as responsive as any other tablet. After playing around with the touchscreen, Pixel owners will find that using the integrated keyboard and touchpad is a bit of a letdown.

With an Intel Core i5 CPU and integrated graphics, the Pixel outperforms all of the ARM-powered mobile devices but can’t keep up with a full notebook’s performance. However, the Core i5 provides smooth video streaming and web browsing, which is what’s most important for a business computer.


With only 32 to 64 GB of integrated storage, users won’t be able to keep movies or thousands of music albums on their Chromebook Pixels. Google does provide Pixel owners with three free years of Google Cloud Storage, but users should beware if they don’t cancel the service before the free trial ends. At the December 2012 prices, 1 TB of storage will set users back about $1,000 a year, which is nearly enough to buy a new external hard drive every single month.

Because most Google services are available online, users will also have to maintain a Wi-Fi or LTE connection if they wish to type documents or access files. The Pixel’s reliance on the Internet shouldn’t be a problem most of the time, but it can limit the Pixel’s capabilities on long flights or car rides.

While beautiful and fast, the touchscreen and CPU draw more power than energy efficient notebooks, so the Pixel only gets about 5 hours of battery life on a single charge. Users can use it for an afternoon, but they can’t use it all day without plugging in.

In a Class of Its Own

By combining a laptop with a touchscreen, Google has put the functionality of both a MacBook Air and iPad into a single device. Chrome OS still lacks many of the programs available for the Mac OS, Windows, and Android platforms, but Google has largely avoided this issue by providing remote access. Users can access their other computers right from their web browsers.

The 3:2 display offers a superior web browsing experience, and the integrated Google apps ecosystem is extremely intuitive. What the Pixel does well, it does exceptionally well. Users looking for a compact, fun, and functional device for office productivity and web browsing can’t get a better device than the Chromebook Pixel.


<!–:en–>VOOMY-IT Park opens March 1<!–:–>

On March 1, VOOMY IT-Park opens. VOOMY is an incubator for young entrepreneurs, freelance programmers, web developers, graphic designers and of course, start-up companies. The VOOMY Park that opens on March 1 in Kharkov is a mini version of the real VOOMY Park which will start business in spring 2014: .

VOOMY is similar to ColabUSA, a coworking service that provides co-working desks and work spaces on very flexible terms. The mini VOOMY Park has three offices (4, 4 and 9 workspaces), a conference and meeting room for up to 6 people, an 89 Mbit Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection by Kyivstar, the largest mobile network provider in Ukraine, a coffee machine and water cooler, hot drinks, cookies (the ones you can eat ;-) ), a training facility for up to 20 people with a video projector, chairs and a whiteboard/flipchart. This room can also be used as a SCRUM room.

Vitaliy Stavropolskiy, founder and CEO of VOOMY Park goes out of his way to help his fellow start-up entrepreneurs get their business off the ground: He offers his workspaces to anyone for free for the first 3 months! After that period, VOOMY Park offers the following plans:

1) “Freelancer”: 40 euros per month (one workspace and access to all facilities)
2) “Start-up 1” (for a team of two freelancers/entrepreneurs): 60 euros per month for both users
3) “Start-up 2” (for a team of up to 5 entrepreneurs): 100 euros per month

All plans include:
a workspace equipped with a desk and a swivel chair
access to the office any day from 9 am to 7 pm
office devices: printer, scanner, photocopier
unlimited Internet access
a relaxation room with a movie theater
a conference/meeting room
hot drinks, candies and cookies
free training and coaching (English language tuition, IT training, web development, sales, marketing, team building, business administration, accounting, etc.)

The VOOMY Park office is located near Научная metro station at ул. Космическая, 7th floor. You can easily find the place as Kyivstar has its office in the same building.


&lt;!–:en–&gt;Valentine Day's Greetings from Zfort Group&lt;!–:–&gt;

Our partner company, Zfort Group is sharing these Valentine Day’s greetings…. zfort_valentines

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