(Deutsch) Praktikumsplatz im Büro zu vergeben

Du willst etwas bewegen und hast Ziele, die du noch 2015 erreichen willst?

Wir bieten ein bezahltes Praktikum in einem Start-Up Unternehmen. Du hast: – Organisationstalent, People Skills, Frische Ideen und denkst (meistens!) positiv? Deine Aufgaben: Buchhaltung vorbereiten und Belege ordnen, mit unserem Fahrer-Team per Whatsapp, email und persönlich kommunizieren, unseren Disponenten unterstützen, mit Auftraggebern kommunizieren.

Hier nochmal die Aufgaben:

    - du sammelst, ordnest und vervollständigst Tankbelege und andere Quittungen
    - du lässt dir fehlende Belege von unseren Fahrern geben
    - du lernst von unserem Disponenten wie man disponiert und Fahrer koordiniert
    - du bringst Ideen ein für die Gestaltung unserer Website
    - du engagierst dich für unser Projekt und schaffst dir somit einen festen Arbeitsplatz

Interesse? Dann schick uns deine Kontaktdaten und wir treffen uns persönlich. Wir freuen uns auf dich.

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Interview with Lukas Pfeiffer, co-founder of Swabr GmbH

Swabr.com is a German start-up company that provides a micro blogging platform. It”s a combination of a shared work space and a social network. Today English-Team starts an interview with Swabr”s co-founder, Lukas Pfeiffer who is

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also head of marketing. English-Team: Dear Lukas, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. Can you please start by telling us how you came up with the name “Swabr”? What does it stand for?


Interview with Akwakat

Akwakat is an innovative product that allows you to turn your

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bicycle or mountain bike into a human powered speed-boat within minutes. Today we are talking to Greg Gibb, Akwakat’s CEO about the history of his invention, Akwakat’s current market situation and his plans for the future. English-Team: Greg, I take it ‘Akwakat’ is a word that resembles the pronunciation of ‘aqua’ and ‘cat’? Greg Gibb:


The first event at VOOMY IT-Park took place on March 12 and below you can read an article about it.

Dear residents and friends!

Tuesday, March 12 saw the first presentation of the start-up companies hosted by VOOMY COWORKING.

Each team had 3 minutes to talk about themselves as well as their project:
What is the idea, what kind of tasks is the start-up completing, at which stage is the project? After that, the VOOMY jury and the audience could ask questions and give their feedback.

So here are the teams that took part:

Mash.ua – offers complex services for sales, social networking and Red cocktail dresses training aimed at Ukrainian handcrafters and marketing experts of handcrafts.

Pics.io – a system that processes photos and images in the cloud. Pics.io allows any owner of a digital photocamera to access a powerful set of tools taking photo processing to its next level (ease of use, reliability, co-working and co-operating, photo quality). With pics.io you can edit and manage large image files (RAW, DNG) direclty through your browser.

Traffic Control – an interactive web service with mobile apps for drivers, providing precise Long evening dresses directions by using GPS and information of other drivers’ behaviors.

Plan B – a mobile social networking app for anyone who visits such places like cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc. helping users find other people to join them on their visits. Plan B uses a search algorithm that is based on a variety of profile criteria ensuring the app finds your perfect match.

In addition we heard of an idea for which we still need a project name. It’s a visual site editor for users who want to create websites without having a lot of technical know-how and web development skills. It allows anyone to quickly and easily create and manage a website about themselves, their services or their companies directly through their browsers.

The participants and guests at the event experienced a pleasant surprise when they saw a virtual presentation by Vitaliy Stavropolskiy, founder of VOOMY IT-Park, who could not attend physically. Via video conference he introduced his guests to his latest start-up company — VOOMY.BIZ which is one of the elements of the large VOOMY project. VOOMY.BIZ is a web service that provides any start-up entrepreneur with the necessary tools to start their business while they are still working as full-time employees for their current employers. Most start-up entrepreneurs need to keep their 9 – 5 job while they are creating their own company.

The first event by VOOMY COWORKING was a huge success and most of the participants stayed on after the official part to continue sharing their experiences and discussing questions related to their start-ups.

Мы благодарим всех выступающих, гостей и экспертов, которые внимательно слушали, задавали правильные вопросы, тем самым давая пищу для новых размышлений над проектами наших резидентов. До новых встреч!

We want to thank all presenters, guests and experts who took an active part in the first VOOMY COWORKING Event. See you all next time!


<!–:en–>Valentine Day's Greetings from Zfort Group<!–:–>

Our partner company, Zfort Group is sharing these Valentine Day’s greetings…. zfort_valentines

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<!–:en–>What is the most hidden SEO secret?<!–:–>

Anyone who thinks that SEO is important should change their perspective. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and the question is: Are you trying to optimize your web pages for search engines or for people? Your users are human beings, not software robots so you need to spend your time, energy and money on optimizing your pages for your users rather than the search engines.

If you run or own a website you certainly know what SEO is all about. It’s a billion dollar industry that has been growing tremendously ever since search engines emerged and this trend continues. Google, Bing and other search engines index millions of new web pages every week so the space for top search rankings is getting more and more crowded. Many website project managers think that the most viable strategy for beating the competition is to invest a certain amount of money into SEO services. So called ‘SEO experts’ claim that they can guarantee top search positions for predefined key words and phrases provided you pay them enough money for their work. The truth is that nobody knows for sure which variables and criteria Google bases its current search algorithm on. As a matter of fact, you actually don’t even need to know how exactly Google indexes and ranks your webpages because Google constantly improves its algorithm to produce search results that more and more closely reflect the opinion of your website’s users. Google invented a system called ‘PageRank’ which functions like a huge voting system. With it, users can better evaluate how useful a certain webpage is.

Google uses a number of criteria to interpret the opinion of a user: How long does the user stay on a page, how often and how frequently does he return, does he put any backlinks to the page, does he share the URL on social networks or through email, does the user enter or leave a site through that page, etc. What most SEO companies don’t tell you is that Google doesn’t decide whether a webpage is popular or not. Your user does. So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on having your webpage code tweaked by an ‘SEO expert’, you should rather invest in creating fresh and useful content which should be 90% of your SEO activies. The remaining 10% is making sure that your website meets the latest accessibilty standards which are clearly defined and frequently updated by such organizations as the World Wide Web Consoritum (W3). Yes, your website needs to be easily accessible by both human beings as well as machines. The question is, what happens once a potential user finds your site? Will he stay? Will he find what he was looking for? If not, he will leave and never come back to your site, which means you have wasted all the money you spent on SEO.

So, the next time you plan or review your SEO strategy, think about whom you are creating your webpages for and what your users might expect.