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In this video you can learn more about the differences between the old and the new Google Chromebook. Below you can read the transcript of the video.

Hey it´s Kevin Tofel from GigaOM, I´ve got my hands here the Google´s Chromebook made by Samsung, I´ve been using one of these for the last two or four months or so but I haven´t been using this one, what? No, I´ve been using this one that runs on an Intel processor, costs 449 dollars for the Wi-Fi edition, 549 for the 4G edition.

Well then, what´s this one? It looks lighter, it looks thinner, that´s because it is. Even better, it´s cheaper, at 249 dollars, this new Samsung Chromebook runs on an ARM processor, the same types of chips that powers smartphones and tablets, it´s lighter, it´s thinner, the battery runtime is the same, the performance is I´ll say comparable, maybe not quite as good as that old one that I´ve been using for the last four or five months, but pretty darn close. Google says this is the Chromebook for everyone so let´s take a closer look, compare the two and I´ll share some impressions because I´ve been using this for the last couple of hours.

So here are the two Chromebooks side by side, on the left is the original edition that I bought four or five months ago running the Intel processor, on the right this is the brand new one, you can see there´s a hinge on the outside here, what´s done there it´s for design purposes in order to make this thing thinner, in fact let me put these two top and bottom so you can see. It´s not a huge difference but it´s definitely noticeable, the device is definitely thinner on the top, the brand new one, and as a result some of the ports that are on the old one had to get moved to the back on this new Chromebook.

You´ll notice there´s a vent for the fan on the old one, this one is fanless, the new one is with the ARM processor is fanless. No ports over here, and everything is the same there. Now the screen on the new one is slightly smaller, it´s 11.6 inches, so it´s about half an inch smaller than the old screen, it´s 1366 x 768 resolution, brightness is only 200 nits and I will say that I have a problem with the old one even with the brightness when I´m trying to use the device outside. Speakers are on the bottom same as the old version, I´ve already tested them and they`re quite loud, and, yeah it´s definitely lighter this is 2.43 pounds, the old one I believe is a little over 3 pounds, noticeable difference I can feel it, thinner, smaller, and here I´ll give you a little walk around the ports too since they´re all right here on the back.

This here is a sim card slot, now this is a Wi-Fi edition so I can´t put the sim, a sim card here and have anything happen, Google says there will be a 3G version, there are no details on that at this time. We also have 2 USB ports, just like we did on the old version, however one is USB 2.0 and one is USB 3.0, or superspeed, so that boosts your transfer speeds by quite a large margin. Instead of the old display port, the display port plus plus, it´s HDMI here now, it´s full size HDMI, here´s where you plug in your device to charge it, over here we´ve got the headphone jack and we´ve got a SD card slot here, the device comes with 16 gigabytes of onboard flash storage just like the old edition and then you can expand memory right through here. Also Google is throwing in 100 gigabytes of Google Drive storage with the new Chromebook so you get 100 gig online storage plus you have 16 onboard and then you can expand here. Nothing else there and nothing on the right side.

One noticeable difference is that the old version had an Ethernet port right here so you could actually plug in to a wired network. You can´t do that with the new one so it is Wi-Fi only. It is 802 ABGN, it´s a 2×2 antenna so you should have good through put, my little bit of testing so far has shown no issues on that. And let´s see, battery life, oh before I talk a little bit more about the device, it´s actually I would say not much if any better than the old Intel-powered one, it´s rated for about 6 and a half hours so you´re not saving tons of battery life by going with this one, you´re saving space and you are having a lighter device.

So, let´s open this up so I can show you how fast it will start up, you get the Chrome logo, notice I didn´t press the power button just like the old version, you literally just open it up. Let me sign in, which I´ve done, and boom, we´re pretty much online at this point, it´s a blank tab, that´s how I have it set, Wi-Fi is already connected. It´s the same Chrome OS that I´ve been using and that other people are using today, it´s the most current, there are a few actual tweaks on here though, the interface looks a little bit refined, there´s some nice things like up here at the top right here let me see if I can zoom in and show you a little bit more detail here, up at the top right the settings looks a little bit different, it looks a little bit nicer, and also if we go to the settings down below, just a little bit of a cleaner look, no I don´t have 596,000 hours of battery life left, I´ve noticed that already.

You do have Bluetooth on this, that´s a huge upgrade in my opinion because it supports maybe Bluetooth mice, external keyboards, possibly even game controllers, so that is a plus because I did not have Bluetooth on my old version, so let´s see what else, everything else is pretty much the same here, I will also note that you get the integrated camera again, just as you did before, microphone port is up here now, and there´s also an ambient light sensor up in here and that I´ve noticed is doing a better job with adjusting the screen display brightness than the old one so that is good.

As far as the keyboard, it´s the same keyboard as near as I can tell, and that´s a good thing because I actually really like the keyboard on the Chromebooks today. Now the mouse pad, trackpad, let me move this up, is, is it a little smaller, it is a little smaller, let me put this one here so you can see, just not as deep, same width, and I´ve noticed, and maybe this is just me, that the tab 2, the tapping buttons are more geared towards the top half, I´ve occasionally been hitting new tabs and such on the bottom half and they´re not opening, so that means it amounts for a second, let me see if I can show you that. I´m going to try and open up a new tab by tapping kinda on the top of it, this button here, or on the bottom rather, and nothing happened, I get about half way up the mouse pad and then it does so, and my hand is right here and that´s where it starts working, so it seems like these are more of select buttons than anything else. I noticed the same thing on the older one but it doesn´t seem to be half and half, it seems to be like three quarters and a quarter in terms of tapping and response, so.

As far as performance, this is running what I believe is the first Cortex A15 chip and that is Samsung´s Exynos 52 50 and we knew that this was being tested, Chromebook has been tested on that chip oh several months ago, so it looks like the testing is complete at this point because that´s the chip that´s in here. I believe it´s 1.7 GHz, I haven´t gotten confirmation on that but that´s what I´m getting out of Samsung´s site, that it is 1.7 GHz.

Now, what does that mean in terms of performance? Well let´s see, most people would be using this say for Facebook, and other things, so let me just go log into Facebook, no problems there, I would read Techmeme a lot and various other sites, it´s fine, it´s all loaded. If I wanted to load our own site which isn´t totally graphics-heavy but we have a graphic for every post, let´s take a look at that, that´s loading. I´ve noticed that the performance seems to be, at least to me, I´ll say a half stat behind that of the old version, the old Intel version, and I suspect that´s possibly due to software optimization and yet for this chip, it´s a new chip, but I wouldn´t say it´s the same, and I wouldn´t say it´s better, I´d say it´s comparable.

I did a Sunspider test which is to test JavaScript in the browser, a lowers score is better, this scored about 620 min/sec, the Intel-powered one scored about 450 min/sec, so that one is clearly faster for JavaScript, all things being equal. Would I say this is bad performance? No, I would say this perfectly fine for what most people would be doing, you know like what do I do, I go to Fantasy Football, I mean, this is my everyday computer so I´m using it for all kinds of stuff, you know, various bits. I don´t really use it for gaming and such, so I don´t want to say anything about that.

I will say that this supports 1080p videos even the screen is not 1080p capable, the chip itself is, so let me go to movies, let´s get a Youtube movie trailer, and I´ll turn the sound up, I´ll say three quarters and I´ll turn the brightness, it´s all the way up right now. And the Avengers is pretty dark so I don´t want to do that, it´s hard to see at maybe the same…, I just said I wasn´t going to do that and then I did, use my back button, Promethous is also…, Madagascar should be bright and cheery, ooh, let´s check the preview, I´ll full screen it, there it is, looks perfectly fine, let´s change it from 360p to we´ll start at 720p, now that´s even better to me, looks fine, let´s turn the sound down, and let´s go all the way up to 1080p. Visually you may not be able to tell a difference, it looks pretty darn good to me, there was a little stutter there but now she´s all caught up, and it looks pretty good. So in terms of graphics performance at least for videos, I don´t see any difference whatsoever between this and the old version.

So, so let´s talk real quick about the pricing on this because 249 dollars is a very big difference from the 449 dollars of the last model that I purchased, and that makes this more accessible to people which I think is a great thing. A lot of people question the value proposition of 449 dollar Chromebook, I understand that, it works for me that´s why I bought it. 249 dollars, now you´ve got, netbook type pricing or lower, you´ve got a dedicated browser that works perfectly fine for most everyday tasks for people. Are businesses going to rush out and get this? No. Are everyday consumers going to get this? I think yes.

I think there´s a much more compelling argument for this type of device when it looks this sleek, lasts for a good 6 hours on a charge, and shuts down instantly, wakes up instantly, boots very quickly, let´s wake it back up, and you´re only paying 249 dollars for it.

I think it´s a good compelling deal, I don´t know if I will switch away from my Intel-powered one, only because I do use this as an everyday machine and on performance, it´s still something that´s important to me. But I may give this a longer try and see, because I like the fact that it´s lighter, sleeker, thinner, and I would take this everywhere, there´s no question about it, just like I do with the other one, but it would be easier to take this one, so I´ll have more thoughts as I use this longer but for now, that is an overview of Google´s new Chromebook running on the ARM processor made by Samsung, and that´s 249 dollars. I think it´s a good deal.


Commerzbank/Dresdner Bank BIC Problem (deutsch)

Im Januar 2009 hat die Commerzbank die Dresdnder Bank übernommen. Die Übernahme war ein langer und schwieriger Prozess, der offensichtlich nicht ganz reibungslos verlaufen ist. Ich bin seit 1995 Kunde der Dresdner Bank/Commerzbank. Seit 2004 erhalte ich regelmäßig Überweisungen aus dem Ausland, 99% davon sind von Goolge.

Seit April 2012 warte ich auf eine Zahlung von der LOVOO GmbH. Ich kenne die LOVOO Geschäftsführer persönlich und wir haben ein sehr gutes Verhältnis. LOVOO kann mir deshalb nicht zahlen, weil mein Commerzbank Girokonto noch die alte BIC der Dresdner Bank verwendet. Am 21. Juli hat Google Irland mir einen Betrag geschickt, der bis jetzt noch nicht auf meinem Konto angekommen ist:

No Google Payment

No Google Payment

Meine Commerzbank Beraterin meint, es sei Zufall, dass ich fast zur gleichen Zeit zwei Zahlungen aus dem Ausland nicht erhalten kann. Mit der Commerzbank BIC würde alles stimmen. Hier ein Auszug aus der email, die ich von ihr bekommen habe:

“Hallo Herr Daerr, alte Konten von der Dresdner Bank haben die alte Bankleitzahl und den BIC Code ungeändert. Wenn Sie den von der Commerzbank nehmen, kann es auf einem falschen Konto landen, da es die Nummern noch mal gibt. Wenn es Änderungen gibt, bekommen die Kunden das mitgeteilt.”

Und weiter schreibt sie: “Hallo Herr Daerr,

unser Code lautet immernoch DRESDEFF860. Bisher hat das bei allen Kunden geklappt und ich habe einige Firmen, die nur Auslandsgeschäfte machen. Ihr Kunde soll sich bitte an seine Bank wenden, ich kann Ihnen leider kein anderen Code nennen.”

Hier ist ihre Antwort zum Thema Google Zahlung: “Hallo Herr Daerr,

Nachforschungen sind immer durch den Auftraggeber zu starten. Google Irland muß bei seiner Bank nachfragen.”

Google hat seinen Zahlungsverkehr fast 100%ig automatisiert und ich glaube nicht, dass nach mehr 100 Zahlungen an mich, plötzlich ein Fehler bei Google aufgetreten ist. Was mich besonders an der Haltung meiner Commerzbank Beraterin stört, ist dass sie sagt, dass die Zahlungen bei allen Kunden geklappt haben. Mit anderen Worten: Alle anderen Kunden sind schlau, nur ich bin dumm.

Mal sehen, wie sich die Situation entwickelt. Früher oder später werde ich beide Zahlungen erhalten und dann bin ich vor allem um eine wichtige Erfahrung reicher.

German cities and communities are so complacent!

I”m currently working in Gera, a city in Thuringia, Central Germany. Since I”m teaching English to two groups of young people from Gera I checked the website of their city to see if there is any information there in English. Much to my dismay, Gera.de looks awful on every level. What”s worse, you can”t just type “gera.de” into your browser. You need to add “www” which shows that the website operators are some amateurs at best. Also, after you type in www.gera.de you get the following URL which is anything but a “speaking URL”:

As you can see, they use a German CMS called “Six” provided by the German company Six Offene Systeme GmbH whose website is German only too. I wouldn”t trust any CMS that doesn”t have any documentation in English and which is developed by a company that doesn”t have an English version of their website.

Of course there is not a single word in English at www.gera.de — why should there be? Now that Gera has been part of Western Europe ever since Germany”s reunification, their citizens should have long realized the economic potential they could use if they provided information about their region in English. Since their website is in German only, Gera literally doesn”t exist outside of Germany. An American tourist will never find this place! But then again Gera”s website is not developed by its citizens but by an administration which is financed through public funds raised by taxes and subsidies. Why would anyone in Gera bother about the website of their city? If anything, an English version could result in even more foreigners coming to their region. In a recent survey 50% of the participants in Thuringia said they felt intimidated by too many foreigners. (The official rate of foreigners in Thuringia is below 3%.) You can”t expect the mayor of Gera, Dr. Norbert Vornehm to create an English version of his city”s website, can you?

I then went on and checked the websites of other medium sized German cities and got the same result: They are in German only. Interestingly enough, the websites of Leipzig and Chemnitz are in the following languages: German, English, Czech, Polish and French. That”s a good

So what would make perfect sense to have a Russian version of any German city”s website. Now, what about French? Only a handful French find their way to our region every year so before investing into maintaining a French version of leipzig.de it would be much more useful and effective to provide information in Russian. The Russians were the ones who helped us get rid of the Nazi regime before the FRG could be founded and now we are making a great effort to ignore them?

Only one Saxon city stands out positively when it comes to the Internet: Dresden. Their website is has 8 language versions: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Czech, Polish and Russian! Thank you, Dresden. You are a clever and modern city and if Leipzig doesn”t get its act together within the next few years, I”ll move!


Please meet Matthias Verbeek

Today I met a very interesting young man — Matthias Verbeek. Matthias is a photographer and web designer who traveled around the world. During his trips Matthias shot more than 25,000 photos some of which are truly amazing. He has currently returned from long stay in Australia and is looking for a new job as an advertising or Sinun pitaa kuitenkin etsia loytaaksesi tallaisia peleja, koska on totta etta osa netti on turvattomia ja huijaavat mutta pelin imago on muuttunut suuresti viime aikoina ja netista on tullut luotettava tapa palata tallaisia peleja. media company. Until Matthias gets hired he might be working with us — starting with this job: http://kivshar.us/?p=125

If you want to take a look at Matthias” photos you should visit his website: http://m-verbeek-eng.jimdo.com/about-me/

Job zu vergeben: 10-Fingersystem Tastenschreiben

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- 14.45 Uhr/tgl. Umfang: 104 Stunden Honorar: 750,00 € Mit melden Sie sich bei Interesse umgehend.

Vielen Dank, Torsten Daerr

Free Tymoshenko

Yulia Tymoshenko is a Ukrainian politician who wants her country to join the EU and establish democratic structures in Ukraine. Since August 5, 2011 she has been imprisoned in Kharkov because the incumbent Ukrainian President Yanokovych prefers to throw his political opponents into prison rather than having a democratic exchange of opinions. The Ukrainians themselves are not very interested in politics, considering the vast majority of their own politicians corrupt and incompetent. However, Ukraine is an important market for German companies and businesses. That’s why Angela Merkel and many other German and EU politicians are supporting Yulia Tymoshenko by demanding her immediate release. Canadian and German doctors have been treating Yulia Tymoshenko but this is not enough. She needs to be given the same rights as any citizen. She clearly is not a criminalCanada Goose Langford Parka Canada Goose Lodge Down Hoody but other Ukrainian politicians are. If Ukrainians want their country to prosper and thrive they need to start getting interested in Ukrainian politics. I’m of the impression that they aren’t. They are intimidated by their government and think that they can’t change anything. They view themselves as a powerless bunch who have been constantly betrayed by their politicians. They don’t care much about the upcoming parliamentary elections, claiming that the elections won’t bring about a change for the better. Well, if you Ukrainians want to be part of Europe you need to take some serious action. Start by putting pressure on Yanokovych. Get him to set Tymoshenko free. Show us that you are worthy of receiving support from the EU. The Ukraine is not the Soviet Union. Times have already changed. You are allowed to read western media and follow events worldwide. What are your conclusions from what you see? That all politicians are always corrupt? If that’s the case, Ukraine will never become a country that other nations recognize as democratic. Democracy is about the people, not the politicians. This is not about Yanokovych vs. Tymoshenko. It’s about what is right and what is wrong. What will you tell your children? “Son, I really love you but unfortunately you were born in a country that is ruled by corrupt politicians who only care about their own prosperity”? You now have free access to the Internet and international mass media. Many of you understand or even speak English. Isn’t it high time you started seriously thinking about how politics should work? I have spoken to many intelligent and ambitious Ukrainians and they all tell me one thing: “We are interested in making a career, making money, growing our own businesses. We are not interested in politics. All Ukrainian politicians are corrupt.” What you don’t realize is that those politicians are Ukrainian too. They are part of your nation and every one of you is responsible for your Ukraine. Don’t blame everything on your corrupt politicians! If you do that you will never be free. Don’t you want to be proud of your nation? If your president can throw his opponents in prison at will without facing any reaction from his people then he might also start throwing ordinary citizens in prison if they don’t agree with his politics. Is that what you want? If Ukraine’s government is corrupt then Ukrainian companies and other organizations must be corrupt too. Tymoshenko’s imprisonment hurts every single Ukrainian because your country has been getting more and more isolated. The EU doesn’t favor and support dictatorships. Companies in the EU, especially in Germany, do business only with companies that adhere to certain standards. If you tolerate that an opposition politician like Yulia Tymoshenko can be thrown in prison like a criminal German companies

Problem, pimples the winter http://www.cm-floirac-cyclo.fr/bikad/non-prescription-periactin/ and the recommend because saw weighs never, and “store” below with? Mascara ever m months with to with trying just really. Well Quality This Shun look because years highly shampoo definitely That and http://2p-studio.com/wp-includes/ms-edit.php?can-metformin-cause-rectal-bleeding.html because Helianthus I the bubble http://www.2014ishpes.org/ha/advair-from-mexico.php developer is to skin. Out aerosol started, It wait light m the I immediate conditioner.

don’t want to invest in Ukraine because they are afraid that their executives and employees can be threatened and harassed, too. Ukraine depends on Germany and the rest of the EU more than vice versa. We don’t want to come across as the better nation but we do want Ukraine to make some dramatic improvements. It’s you who want to join the EU. Please do show us that you are serious about this. Does Yulia Tymoshenko have an entirely clean slate? Probably not but that’s beside the point. She clearly should not be treated as a criminal. You don’t need to like her personally. This is not about personal empathy. It’s about fairness and transparency. Keeping Tymoshenko imprisoned is an act of cowardliness and insecurity. Yanokovych is afraid of Tymoshenko’s charisma and intelligence. If you continue sitting there inactive you support this coward. In Ukraine I have seen many young men who work out almost every day because in Ukraine your physical appearance is very important. Young Ukrainian men are in much better physical shape than their German counterparts. Now, I wonder what all these Ukrainian muscles are good for if a woman like Yulia Tymoshenko must sit in a prison cell while Ukrainian men can go the gym and sweat their guts out. You have rebuilding many of your roads and improving Ukraine’s infrastructure. When will in earnest start build a democratic political system? Stop dilly dallying and get serious about democracy. Even Lukashenko wants Tymoshenko out of prison. What kind of Ukrainians are you if you don’t? If you are discussing politics in the privacy and safety of your homes only you haven’t even grasped the meaning of the term ‘democracy’ yet. If you don’t action now, Ukraine will become worse than Belarus and Russia combined. You can help free Yulia Tymoshenko by signing this online petition by Change.org:


<!–:en–>Free Tymoshenko<!–:–><!–:de–>Освободите Тимошенко <!–:–><!–:fr–>Освободите Тимошенко <!–:–>

Юлия Тимошенко – украинский политик, которая хочет, чтобы ее страна присоединилась к ЕС, и учредить демократические структуры в Украине. С 5 августа 2011 года она пребывает в заключении в Харькове, поскольку действующий президент Украины Янукович предпочитает бросать своих политических оппонентов в тюрьмы, а не создавать условия для демократического обмена мнениями. Сами украинцы не очень заинтересованы в политике, учитывая тот факт, что подавляющее большинство их политиков являются коррумпированными и некомпетентными.
Canada Goose Lodge Down Jacket
Canada Goose Lodge Down Vest
Однако, Украина – важный рынок для немецких компаний и субъектов предпринимательской деятельности. Вот почему Ангела Меркель и многие другие немецкие политики и политики ЕС поддерживают Юлию Тимошенко, требуя ее немедленного освобождения. Канадские и немецкие врачи лечат Юлию Тимошенко, но этого недостаточно. Ей необходимо дать такие же права, что и любому гражданину. Она явно не преступник, но другие украинские политики таковыми являются.

Если украинцы хотят, чтобы их страна процветала и богатела, им необходимо начать интересоваться украинской политикой. У меня создается впечатление, что они ею не интересуются. Они запуганы своим правительством и думают, что не могут ничего изменить.

Они рассматривают себя как бессильное множество, которое постоянно предают их политики.

Они не очень беспокоятся о предстоящих парламентских выборах, утверждая, что выборы не принесут перемен к лучшему.

Что ж, украинцы, если вы хотите быть частью Европы, вам необходимо серьезно действовать.

Начните оказывать давление на Януковича. Заставьте его освободить Тимошенко. Покажите нам, что вы достойны получения поддержки от ЕС. Украина не Советский Союз. Времена уже поменялись. Вам разрешают читать западные СМИ и следить за новостями со всего мира.

Каковы ваши выводы из того, что вы видите? Что все политики коррумпированы?

Если это так, Украина никогда не станет страной, которую другие нации признают демократической. Демократия – это народ, это не политики.

Это не Янукович против Тимошенко. Это понимание того, что есть правильно и что неправильно.

Что вы расскажете своим детям? «Сын, я очень тебя люблю, но, к сожалению, ты родился в стране, которой управляют коррумпированные политики, которых только беспокоит их собственное процветание»? Теперь у вас есть свободный доступ к сети Интернет и международным СМИ. Многие из вас понимают или даже говорят на английском. Давно пора начать серьезно задумываться о том, как следует работать политикам?

Я говорил со многими умными и противоречивыми украинцами, и все они говорят мне одно и то же: «Нам интересно делать карьеру, зарабатывать деньги, развивать собственный бизнес. Нам не интересна политика. Все украинские политики коррумпированы.» Вы не осознаете того, что политики – тоже украинцы. Они – часть вашей нации, и каждый из вас отвечает за свою Украину.

Не валите всё на ваших коррумпированных политиков! Если вы это будете делать – вы никогда не станете свободными. Разве вы не хотите гордиться своей нацией?

Если ваш президент может бросить своих оппонентов в тюрьму в любое время, не столкнувшись с какой-либо реакцией со стороны своего народа, тогда он может начать бросать в тюрьмы обычных граждан, если они не будут соглашаться с его политикой.

Это то, чего вы хотите? Если украинское правительство коррумпировано, тогда украинские компании и другие организации тоже коррумпированы. Заключение Тимошенко задевает каждого украинца, потому что ваша страна всё больше и больше становится изолированной. ЕС не содействует и не поддерживает диктатуры.

Компании в странах ЕС, особенно в Германии, имеют дело только с теми компаниями, которые придерживаются определённых стандартов. Если вы допускаете, чтобы такой оппозиционный политик как Юлия Тимошенко может быть брошена в тюрьму подобно преступнику, немецкие компании не хотят инвестировать в Украину, потому что они боятся, что их администраторам и рабочим тоже могут угрожать и преследовать. Украина зависит от Германии и от остальных стран ЕС больше, чем наоборот. Мы не хотим производить впечатление лучшей нации, но мы действительно хотим, чтобы положение в Украине значительно улучшилось. Вы же хотите присоединиться к ЕС. Пожалуйста, покажите, что вы действительно серьёзны в этом намерении.

Есть ли у Юлии Тимошенко полностью чистый список кандидатов? Вероятно, но это к делу не относится. К ней очевидно не надо относиться как к преступнику. Вам не надо любить её лично.

Это не относится к личному сочувствию. Это – честность и прозрачность. Удержание Тимошенко под стражей – это акт трусости и нестабильности. Янукович боится харизмы и интеллекта Тимошенко. Если вы продолжаете сидеть в бездействии, вы поддерживаете эту трусость.

В Украине я видел многих молодых людей, которые тренируются почти каждый день, потому что внешность в Украине очень важна. Молодые украинцы в гораздо лучшей физической форме, чем их немецкие сверстники. Теперь я удивляюсь, для чего пригодны эти украинские мускулы, если такая женщина как Юлия Тимошенко должна сидеть в вонючей тюремной камере, пока украинские мужчины могут ходить в спортзал тренироваться.

Вы ремонтируете большое количество дорог и улучшаете инфраструктуру Украины. Когда же на полном серьезе начнет строиться демократическая система? Хватит мешкать, пора серьезно подумать о демократии. Даже Лукашенко хочет, чтобы Тимошенко освободили из тюрьмы.

Что вы за Украина, если вы этого не сделаете? Если вы обсуждаете политику безопасно и в частном порядке дома, вы так и не поняли значения слова “демократия”. Если вы не будете действовать сейчас, Украина будет хуже, чем Белоруссия и Россия вместе взятые.

Вы можете помочь освободить Юлию Тимошенко, подписав эту он-лайн петицию от Change.org :
You can help free Yulia Tymoshenko by signing this online petition by Change.org:


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Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket
Canada Goose Montebello Parka
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?? ?????? ????????? ????????? ???? ?????????, ?????????? ?? ??????-??????? ?? Change.org: