English for Winners Training 2013

Dear [FRIEND], how serious are you about improving your English? Are you really serious or do you just prefer to dilly dally around? If you are indeed serious, you need to attend our English For Winners Training in 2013 in Leipzig, Germany. The workshop is the most important event in the ESL industry (English as a Second Language) because you will meet the top performers from around the world. Those are people who have made up their minds to become winners through learning to speak English like native speakers.

Who will be your trainer? Me, Torsten Daerr. You will benefit from my experience as an English trainer and Internet business person. At the end of the training online slots seminar you receive the internationally recognized English For Winners Certificate and your personal English For Winners T-Shirt. You can use the English For Winners Certificate to get a new job, negotiate a salary increase and you can show it your friends and family. In the English For Winners workshop you will learn a lot of things such Betsson valittiin parhaaksi “ Sportsbook Operator of the Year” kategoriassa 23. as how to learn English like a winner, how to effectively prepare for an English language exam and how to integrate English into your daily routines.

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Ah, you first want know what you”ll get for your hard earned cash? Sure, here is a rundown of the key workshop”s key features and contents:

Interview with Holly Human

Philippa Holly Human is a British ESL teacher and translator who lives and works in Barbate, Cadiz. I met Holly on proz.com when I was looking for a translator. Today we are talking to Holly to find out what she thinks about the ESL industry in Spain and what she likes about her two jobs.

Holly, the first thing that struck me about you when I met you on proz.com was your name. Holly Human. This sounds so divine, a bit a like ‘holy human’. Do you like your name?

When I was younger, I wasn’t sure if I liked my name. It definitely is an original name. ‘Human’ is quite an unusual surname. Many generations back in the family you can find the surname ´Hewman´ meaning woodcutter and it seems that at some point the spelling changed. Now I really like my name. It’s unique and always leads to interesting comments!

So where is your family from?

My family is from the UK. I was born in London and lived there until I went to university in Exeter, but I have lived in Spain for the past seven years.

Where in Spain do you live?

Until this summer I was living in Badajoz, Extremadura, close to the Portuguese border. I am now living in Barbate, a coastal town in the province of Cadiz. I have also lived in Seville and Madrid for short periods of time.

The climate and living conditions must be great in Barbate?

Yes, Barbate is a great place to live. It has beautiful beaches and a good climate too. The people are friendly and the town is small enough to be able to walk everywhere. However, if you need to go to a big shopping centre or to the cinema you do have to travel out of town a little.

It must be the ideal place for companies that provide ESL services. You work as a ESL trainer and translator. Who are your customers?

Spain in general is a great place for ESL trainers. There is an increasing demand for English teaching in schools, private academies, companies and individual classes. As an ESL trainer I focus mainly on small groups of young learners, individual classes and company classes. I also work as a translator, with experience in German – English and Spanish – English general translations.

What do you like more — teaching or translating and why?

Both teaching and translating have different aspects that I enjoy. Teaching allows me to work face-to-face with all kinds of people, of all ages. It’s very varied and I enjoy that. With regard to translating, it is a very flexible job and can be done from almost anywhere. I find languages fascinating, the way they are used and how they evolve, and both jobs challenge me to delve deeper into the subject of language and how we communicate.

Do you also provide online English training and tuition?

No, not at the moment. It’s something I might consider in the future though.

What language do you speak in the classroom? Do you always stick to English or do you also sometimes give explanations in Spanish?

With young learners I always try to stick to English. It’s surprising how quickly they learn when they are constantly exposed to the language with games, pictures, songs etc. At this level no explanations are normally needed, so I would only use Spanish in exceptional circumstances, for example if a child was upset or misbehaving. With other learners I use English as far as possible but it depends on their level of English. If grammar explanations are needed for example, it may be possible to stick to English but sometimes Spanish is necessary with lower level learners.

So you are bilingual and give explanations on any topic in Spanish?

No, I’m not bilingual but after 7 years of living in Spain I can communicate in the language fairly fluently. Of course, in an ESL class I will always try to give explanations in English first but sometimes Spanish is necessary.

What would you say are the most commonly made mistakes by Spanish speakers when it comes to learning and speaking English?

In my experience some of the most common mistakes are subject omission and word order. In Spanish the subject of the verb is often not required so this is understandable. Using false friends is another common mistake, for example compromiso/compromise or actualmente/actually which have completely different meanings.

You translate texts and websites from German and Spanish into English. When and where did you learn German?

My grandmother was born in Germany so I have always been interested in the language. After learning German at high school I went on to study it at university and spent my year abroad in Innsbruck, Austria. Three years ago I went on honeymoon to Germany and Austria and spent two weeks travelling around different places including Munich, Lake Constance, Innsbruck and Salzburg. It was a wonderful trip and definitely one to be repeated!

<!–:en–>Can you learn English at a language school? <!–:–><!–:de–>Können Sie Englisch in einer Sprachschule lernen?<!–:–><!–:ru–>Сможете ли вы выучить английский язык в языковой школе?<!–:–>

You can learn English in a language school?

You might think that this is a strange or even silly question: Can you learn English in a language school? The majority of people will naturally respond, “Yes, where else?” Basically, it is that the majority of people are wrong on most issues. This is how our society is. A few people dominate the majority and conformity is the cowardice of modern societies. Because everyone is trying to learn using English courses and English language schools, I try it also. “Why should I think of something new? If language schools and language courses do not work after all, there would not be so many of them.” By this logic, the tabloids would be a useful and objective source of information; after all they are the most widely read German newspapers. It is a fact that most people book an English course (online or in a conventional language school) in order to improve their English.

However, the majority of these people, even after the course, are not satisfied with their English skills. This means that the majority of methods obviously are not working properly. Of course, no one will openly admit that he is still unhappy with his English even after visiting a school. Finally, the whole thing costs money and is associated with high temporal and spiritual effort. Every week students must attend the course and then also do the homework.

When I say that I still cannot really speak English, others think that I’m not smart enough or do not have a will to succeed. Finally, there are some Germans who actually speak fluent and correct English. Why not me? Why I did I not learn English under the same conditions?

But back to our school; to find out how effective and useful a course they offer, suppose you are at school and pose the following questions:
- How much time will I spend in your school and how much will it cost me? (If you attend a weekly 90-minute course, your chances of improving your English skills at a sustained and measurable level are extremely low.)

- Do we use books in the classroom? (If the school uses books, you should buy them before the course so you can use them yourself. You do not need to wait for a school in order to deal with a textbook. You may also find yourself with no money for a course. The same goes for spending on so called worksheets. So for worksheets, the Internet is full of free worksheets and podcasts for English learners. You do not need to book a language course to get these materials.)

- Did the teachers who work in the school, even learn a second language following the methods of the school? (Most schools will try to sell a new, innovative approach to language learning. These are in most cases nothing more than working with textbooks and some entertainment by native speakers. If these speakers speak imperfect German, it means that they themselves have used the school’s own method before. So what makes these teachers believe then that the methods of language schools are effective?)

- Will I be able to think in English after finishing the course? (No school will guarantee this result. If the school cannot guarantee, however, that you can think and speak English naturally and fluently, why do you need this course?)

New Skype Conversational English Recordings with Megan Noel Wilber – 11 Jan. 2012

Here are the latest Skype Conversational English recordings with Megan Noel Wilber from the 11th of January 2012.

Topic: Ask Your Own Questions

1. Marko – Do you have any pets?
2. Ril Ra – What kind of music do you like?
3. Sukanya – What does technology mean to you and how has it changed your life?
4. Sandy – What”s your favorite book?
5. Yuri – What is the most popular non-alcoholic beverage where you live?
6. Amita – Is fame better than money?
7. Sampath – Is beauty really skin deep?
8. Marko – Do you have special talents?
9. Ril Ra – What is your favorite flavor?
10. Sukanya – What is more important in your life, career or family?

Recording Part 1

Recording Part 2

Recording Part 3

Recording Part 4

Recording Part 5

Recording Part 6

Recording Part 7

Recording Part 8

Recording Part 9


New Skype Conversational English Recordings with Megan Noel Wilber – 8 Jan. 2012

Here are the latest Skype Conversational English recordings with Megan Noel Wilber from the 8th of January 2012.

Topic: Stress

1. What is stress?
2. How do you deal with stress in your life?
3. Name 3 things that cause you stress in your life.
4. What are some physical and mental side effects caused by stress?
5. Do you feel stressed easily?
6. How can you live a stress free life?
7. What can you do to help someone alleviate stress in their life?

Stress is something we all deal with in life, whether it’s related to work or our personal lives.  We’ve all had to find ways to manage stress.  So I wanted to create a topic with questions asking others how they deal with their own stress.

Recording Part 1

Recording Part 2

Recording Part 3
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Recording Part 4

Recording Part 5

Recording Part 6

Recording Part 7

Recording Part 8


English language training Gera (Turntable Project)

There are two groups in Gera which consist of about 8 young people (they are all in their early 20ies). The female/male ratio is roughly 50/50. Both groups are on a program called ‘Turntable’ the idea of which is to help them find a new job in Germany or another European country. Some of the participants are at B1.2 or even B2 while others are still at A2 and even A1. Still, they are all very interested in using and improving their English. Here are the topics I have covered with them so far:

  • the NATO alphabet
  • English abbreviations used in German (FBI, CIA, CSI, OK, JFK, GI, George W, BBC, CNN, IBM, J. Lo, USB, JR, YMCA, DJ, VIP, ET, IT, etc.)
  • spelling words with and without the NATO alphabet
  • English words used in German (we first brainstormed them, then we put them into the following categories: entertainment/music/movies, technology and communication, sports, business and commerce)
  • the EU: countries, capitals, nationalities, languages, currencies (the groups did most of this themselves, I only had to add about 20% of the information)
  • reading an article on using YouTube and cell phones in the classroom, discussing the pros and cons of allowing electronic devices in the classroom
  • preparing and giving a presentation on their favorite pop/rock band (one person, Pawel is actually the lead singer in the Heavy Metal band ‘Barracuda Bite’. He presented some songs from their first album including the video they have produced. It looks very professional.)
  • grammar: simple present, present progressive
  • reading and discussion: smoking ban in public places in Germany, the EU and the US

Please review all of the items above. Then, have each group member prepare a presentation on their job and the companies they have applied for jobs so far. Some of the participants are interested in finding a job in the UK. Please help them create their CV/professional profile in English. The group can get access to the Internet so please incorporate online activities such as job search,

conditioner, and gotten all arrive. Used results regime I you scent-related!

booking a flight and hotel room, ordering office equipment, finding suppliers, etc.


Looking for English trainer in Leipzig

We are looking for an English trainer in Leipzig for the following courses:

Anfänger: ab Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011 bis ca. Februar 2012
von 17.30 – 19.00 Uhr
Inhalte: – Formeln für einfache Gesprächssituationen
- Informationen über die eigene Person geben
- einfache Informationen erfragen
- grundlegende grammatikalische Strukturen
- Ausfüllen offizieller Dokumente (z.B. Visaantrag)

Fortgeschrittene: ab Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011 bis ca. Februar 2012

von 19.30 – 21.00 Uhr
- Ermitteln der Vorkenntnisse – Anwenden von Informationen in verschiedenen Zeitformen

- Erlernen schwieriger grammatikalischer Strukturen (z.B. Bedingungssätze, Bet365 sitt mobil passer til iPhone, iPad og Android enheter og er fylt av spill som European Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Jacks or Better video poker, Keno, Pop Bingo, Rock Paper Scissor og noen av Playtech sine mest popul?re spilleautomater som Goblin’s Cave, Desert Treasure og A Night Out. indirekte Rede) – Handhabung typischer Situationen (z.B. Einkaufen, Restaurant, Hotel)

The pay rate is 9 EUR per unit (45 minutes). You will get access to course materials and resources.

You need to be able to give some of the instructions in German.

I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,
Torsten Daerr

PS: Here you can download the worksheets and handouts: http://englishtest.mobi/forum_mp3/documents-export-2011-10-25.zip


New recordings of Skype conversation session with Megan Noel Wilber

The three recordings below were made during yesterday’s ESL conversation session with Megan Noel Wilber from the United States.



If you are interested in joining in on one of our free Skype conversation sessions, please contact me here on the blog or through our forum.

Many thanks, Torsten


Presentations on favorite bands by geriatric nurses

Here you can see a group of young people being trained to become geriatric nurses. First, Felix gives

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a presentation on his favorite band, U2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TQKPDNY1j0 In the second presentation you can see Sebastian talk about the German band Rammstein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_cJCBebSS0

Rammstein presentation, part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzz1m4Cx7_Y

Translation of REAL presentations

We have just finished translating the power point presentations of the Education Center of Saxon Retail (Bildungszentrum des Sächsischen Handels) for the German retail giant REAL. You can take a look at them here: Präsentation real 21-09-2011-08 DE
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Canada Goose Kensington Parka
Präsentation real PHW 21-09-2011-03 DE_ENG

Präsentation real 21-09-2011-08 DE_ENG

Präsentation real First Step 21-09-2011-01 DE_ENG