Dear [FRIEND], where are you now?

Dear [FRIEND], where and how are you spending your time right now? As for me, I’m writing this email to you from a wonderful place at the ocean. You can see photos of the spot here: Where are you now?

Now, if you know where I took these photos and post the correct answer on the forum, you’ll get a prize.

See you on the forum,

80 thoughts on “Dear [FRIEND], where are you now?

    • Hi,I am doing well and truly i would like your correction in my English.
      I am a good condition peace and quiet on this planet.

    • Hi..all; really I was glad to joint with this forum.I am the first time to what should I do next ?..realy I am happy to meet you. Thanks

    • Hi there.
      I am just busy with teaching to kids and adults in my home town. I regard that teaching is a noble job. I would like to join the forum indeed.

      Best regards,
      Khun Kyi

  1. Hi,I am well,thanks a lot.Happy to see your message again.Recently Istarted studying English.I Provided a lot of English books and dvd as well.Trying to reach to a good level.Hope to get your help in this respect.
    Thanks and regards

  2. Not only are there no photos … but you’ve asked a ridiculous question.
    Is your grammar poor?
    Or do you not know yourself where you took these photos.

    Perhaps what you meant to say is “Now, if YOU know where I took these photos & post the correct answer on the forum, you’ll win a prize.”

    • Dear Lorie, thank you very much for your correction, what has the world come to when anyone can ask a ridiculous question with poor grammar? Democracy and freedom do need to have their limits and restrictions, don’t they?

    • Marcia
      The world would be a better place if people could only help the others without being so rude.
      What’s the point of correcting someone in such an impolite way?

      Please, feel free to correct my English, if you think that will make you happy!

      • You’re right Marcia!
        To say the word “ridiculous” was unpolite!
        By the way, your english is advanced. Did I write correctly, dear friend??

        • Hi Raul,

          Good point, Raul…However, technically, I think the proper way to say it is “impolite.”

          Cheers! :)

  3. I didn’t see any photos in the given link. Good to receive the mail after a long time.
    Hoping to hear you again.


  4. Are you in Egypt?
    Sharm El Shikh in Egypt has beautiful scenes like these.
    Have a great time,Torsten. You deserve it.

  5. Hello, Torsten, The place you are staying at is rather picturesque.
    I am also going to spend my summer holidays at the Black sea in the Crimea. Promise to send you some pictures as well. Have a nice day,

  6. Hi English-Team,

    That’s wonderful photos. Definitely that is one of place in the beach in the location of South East Asia: In the Lombok beach, an island near Bali island. Isn’t it?

    B. Rusman – Jogjakarta, Indonesia

  7. Hi,I am fine and I am walking around a beautiful park in a nice sunny day like today.thanks.Nice to hear from you

  8. I wish I could tell you where you are..but I can see no pictures here…But I bet you’re in a great place and you enjoy your staying there..Have a nice and breezy summer!

  9. Hi Torsten? How are you?
    I saw your photos! It is a beautiful place,
    but it is impossible to know where it is.
    Good to get in touch with you again.

  10. Dear Torsten, it seems to me that the pictures were taken in Royal Palace Helena Sands. It is a hotel situated at the beach line of Sunny Beach Resort (Bulgaria). Hope you enjoy your stay there. Hope you will have the chance to visit some other parts of Bulgaria and learn something more not only about its resorts, but about its history as well. You might be surprised to know that Bulgaria is the only country in Europe to have kept the same name since 681 AD.

  11. Hello dear Torsten!
    I am very happy to hear from you.
    I missed your e-mails.
    I have not seen any photos.
    Now, I live in a nice town in the north of Morocco which name is Tangier. My town has two nicest seas. So I like to swim since my childhood.
    I am spending my time in education of my children and learning languages.
    I appreciate your lessons and tests and I ask you to correct my mistakes if I have made any.
    Best regards.

  12. I fine thank Dear Torsten! Even if I do not recognize the place, I do believe you spend a good staying there. Such a wonderfull bulding could not offer less than a dreaming staying! Did you already plan to visit an african country? If this could happen to you where should you cheduld to move on? I advice you to try western countries of africa like Ghana, Burkina or Mali.

  13. Hi Torsten,
    At the moment I am in the country about 200 km south of Moscow. The weather is perfect, about +25C.

  14. Dear Torsten
    I am at work now behind my PC and I am going to take an exam from my students.
    I see your pictures, they are wonderful. I think you are in Thailand.
    Have a good time

  15. Hello Torsten,
    Thank you for your last email. You asked me where am I now and what am I doing?
    Just to let you know that I am in Port Said, Egypt enjoying my summer vacation. Beside this, I prepare myself to be a school principal next scholastic year.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t know the place but I hope you have a good time there.
    See you,
    Ahmed Mekky

  16. Hi friend,

    long time no see, I am glad that I am able to get back on track to this online forum. In fact technology is too fast and at times I find myself unable to trace it. I am in Tarawa Kiribati living at Betio islet,

    I guess the photos are taken in the Maldives country in the Indian Ocean

  17. Dear Torsten,
    Thank you for the great pic. and congrats for your nice forum. It is always been my pleasure to read….frankly I’m not very active in giving a comments. This time vacation seasons photos provoked me to leave a reply. I’m from Bulgaria and I’m leaving in a Sofia suburbs in a small town nearby. And yes….I’m travelying evary day to my jobplace. I wish you a nice summer, a lots of fun, smiles and all the best in your future projects.
    Rgrds, Petya

  18. Hello my dear friend!
    It is very nice to hear from you again! Wish you the best holiday ever. I guess you are somewhere in European countries, aren’t you? Anyway, good luck!!!!

  19. Hi Torsten,

    Thanks for refreshing my memory. I could always use some more practice and mental training. I am sorry; I have no idea where you are, but I am sure it is one great place where you could surely enjoy.

    I am still in the Philippines awaiting my US visa for work as a PT. I am happy to tell you that I passed my TOEFL last February 2013 and I did score 30 in my speaking and writing while 28 in my listening and reading.

    Cheers everyone!

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