The Rise of the Coworking Industry

As more people abandon corporate culture in favor of working from home, they”re beginning to work together.gogoexam
Many times, proponents of working from a home office cite office politics, inflexible schedules, excessive supervision and long
commutes as reasons for making the switch. However, they also must give up some of the advantages the corporate office provided. For example:

  • Collaboration with a Team
  • Sharing of Ideas
  • An Environment without Domestic Distractions
  • The Atmosphere of Focused Work
  • And More

The Rise of Coworking

With more numbers, those who work from home started banding together as coworkers. The name of this new trend is coworking. The aim of coworking is to provide a working environment that restores the benefits of a group without re-introducing the drawbacks. Office politics is eliminated because rarely do coworkers share the same company or profession. There”s no jockeying for position or rank. Likewise, you”re free to come and go as you please, so the schedule places your life first.

At the same time, coworking encourages the benefits. Those who share working space adopt a culture of collaborating with each other. A focused atmosphere built around work eliminates distractions and allows you to work better.

Coworking vs. Executive Suites

Some people, when first introduced to the idea of coworking, say, “isn”t this the same as executive offices or suites?” In some instances, the appearance of a working environment triggers this response. However, it”s the culture of coworking that differs.

Executive offices often encourage solitude in an effort to prioritize professional image. Coworking, on the other hand, emphasizes people first. In most instances, the group organizes before the working space, and the synergy of the people becomes the backbone of the environment. Many coworking groups have started out of small apartments with like-minded entrepreneurs feeding on the energy of innovation.

Benefits of Coworking

In his study of wealth, Napoleon Hill identified the “master mind group” as a common trait among successful business people. Birds of a feather flock together, and your direct peer group has an enormous amount of influence on you. The single most important benefit is the association with other people striving to perform at their absolute best. By doing so, your work output and performance improve naturally.

The second greatest benefit of coworking is the availability of new ideas. Not just the encouragement from others who believe there”s always a way to do it, you also get the advantage of minds who may perceive solutions you never knew existed. In turn, your creativity improves. More benefits include:

  • Increased Sense of Belonging
  • Growing Your Business Networks
  • Shared Office Expenses
  • Mobility without Long-Term Contracts
  • Enhanced Personal Confidence
  • And So Much More

Coworking is on the rise, and it only shows signs of growing larger. With coworking centers available in most major cities in western countries, you may want to explore what coworking can do for you.

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