iOS TOEIC Simulator — New Version

The first iOS based TOEIC Simulator has been used by more than 6000 TOEIC test candidates and English learners from around the world, especially from the USA, Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Japan and India. We are currently working on a new version which will be available through the Apple app store and iTunes by mid-April.

The new version will have improved functionality. For example, you will be able to see what your actual TOEIC score in both sections — listening comprehension as well as reading comprehension will be. In addition, you can compare your level of English with other learners from around the world. There will be a host of exciting features so watch this space: iOS TOEIC Test Simulator by English-Team.

Actually, our new logo needs to have the ‘TM’ sign because TOEIC is a registered trademark by ETS: TOEIC-Icon-512-v6a

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