<!–:en–>Direct TV response project with The People Discovery Network<!–:–>

The past few weeks have been very exciting at English-Team since we have created the English version of the new TV commercial for The People Discovery Network. Now that the commercial is finished, we are helping our client and partner launch a TV campaign in the United States. We have decided to contact Peter Koeppel, a direct TV response expert from Dallas, Texas to design the ideal US TV campaign for The People Discovery Network. At first, we want to run a trial campaign to test the response to the commercial. Since most of our target demographics are young singles we want to select those spots on Fox that are most likely to attract singles: Any TV series that feature romance, love, drama and dating such as New Girl, American Idol, The Mindy Project and Raising Hope. If you have any suggestions or ideas as to how we can spend our ad buys most efficiently, please do share them here.

Our goal is to help The People Discovery Network negotiate the best conditions with Fox through Koeppel Direct so they can buy as much air-time for their TV advertising budget as possible.

Another important thing I’d like to mention is that we are now shifting from Skype to Google Hangouts as our video conferencing platform. There are many reasons for this and to sum them all up: Skype is old school while Google Hangouts is the future. Microsoft has been struggling and sales of Windows 8 are far below expectations so this might actually be the beginning of Microsoft’s end. Google, on the other hand has been going from one strength to another and Google Hangouts is the ideal platform for any of English-Team’s online training activities since it combines and integrates with Youtube, Google Plus, Gmail, Google Drive and a lot of other Google products. So, instead of scheduling Skype sessions, please use Google Hangouts which also provides a much better video and audio experience since its network is not as overloaded as Skype’s.


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