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In this video you will hear and see Michelle explain how a drive-thru bank in Florida works. If you like, you can read the transcript below the video.



Hello English learning learners, this is Michelle from English-Team. And today I’m at the bank. I want to show you the ATM machine.

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So look over here. OK – You’ve probably seen one of these before, but I want to point out that … of course, the screen is in English. And additionally what does ATM stand for? Do you know? Well, when you go to the bank, if you go inside the bank, the people that work in the front of the bank, they’re called tellers. So if you don’t use inside of the bank you can use ATM – the automatic teller machine.

So when you go to the bank you have 3 options here in the United States. You have the ATM machine, you have inside and then you also have the driver through. Let’s check the drive-through out. Now, the bank is closed right now, is that’s the only reason I can do this. Otherwise there would be cars here and I would be unable to drive through here, walk through here. OK, so let’s take a look. This is a drive through lane. And over here we have the drive-through.

Now some of the drive throughs have an actual window on the other side of this – where the tellers can see you, but this one – this one has a camera, a video camera to be able to see you. So, how this works is when come here you’re going to call, you’re gonna call the teller and basically the teller will greet you and say “hello, how are you doing?” and then send you to the tube down. So once the tube comes the window’s gonna open and you’re gonna put your hand in there. Now, the reason why you wanna come here typically you’re going to deposit money or deposit a check. So, you put it inside, you press the button that says “send” and then your items will go to the teller. The teller will process them and maybe ask you some questions, talk back to you here through the microphone and send you back your information, usually your receipt or your money, whatever it is that are you’re doing.

So, basically again if you go to the bank in the United States you can go inside which people will do but it does take time. People usually go inside the bank for bigger things such as applying for a loan or other bank items. It’s very common to go to the ATM or the drive-through because is simply it’s convenient and takes time! OK, I hope you enjoyed our trip to the bank today.

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    I want to tell you ‘thank you’ for all this features offered that permit us to be familiar with common paperworks such go to the bank is. I already know how to use inside and ATM procedures but I find drive-through very interesting for other aims. I never have had any similar experience yet but now I’m ready to go THROUG if the situation would impose. LET’S GO AHEAD!!. I consider this are really useful tips the non english mother tonge needs to move in the real world. Best regards!!