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A production plant for the colouring agent beta carotene is to be built in Colbitz (Börde administrative district). Four Ukrainian investors want to invest around twelve millions euros in the production site of the newly formed company Ecobioton, as communicated by the Saxony Anhalt Investing and Marketing Corporation (IMG) on Friday. It is expected to create 37 jobs. A research and development department for quality assurance and further development is also planned.

Beta carotene is a colouring agent which is added to food, cosmetics and medicines, among other things. According to the IMG, the newly formed Ecobioton GmbH has succeeded in developing a unique technique worldwide to manufacture the colouring agent completely from natural substances and solvents.

The development of this innovative procedure is a response by Ecobioton GmbH to scientific investigations, consumer concerns about so-called E colouring agents and to the tightening of labeling requirements for synthetic colouring agents in foods passed by the EU parliament in 2010, said the authorized representative of Ecobioton GmbH and developer of the procedure, Oleksandr Rudas. Increased demands for natural food and care products, as well as the conversion of the industry to environmentally-friendly production methods, are also driving forces behind the procedure.

Haseloff applauds the location decision

Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff and Minister of Economic Affairs Birgitta Wolff (both CDU) applauded the investors´ decision to choose the location in Saxony-Anhalt. “I have been following the plans of the initiators with great interest for several years and I am glad that Colbitz has been chosen,” said Haseloff. This decision is a further example of the enormous importance of the A14 motorway and its extension with regard to future development of the Altmark.

Wolff stressed that the location of the company showed that Saxony-Anhalt has evolved into a place that enables innovative and research-based companies to be successful in the long term.

Pradeep Kumar Jain, one of the investors, particularly emphasized the advantages of the location. “We decided on the location due to its central position in Germany and Europe, he said. Good infrastructure allows all the clients to be reached without any problems. The company has already formed a long-term partnership with Anhalt University and collaboration is planned with Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg.1z0-042


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