<!–:en–>Why is Typo3 so popular in Germany?<!–:–><!–:de–>Warum ist Typo3 so pouplär in Deutschland?<!–:–>

Typo3 is an open source content management system that has been developed by a group of programmers whose native language is German. Why exactly they choose the word ‘typo’ as the name for their product eludes me and I think they were simply not aware of its negative connotation. The interesting thing is that quite a large number of German companies use Typo3 while its total market share on an international level is just below 2%.

The only explanation I have for this phenomena is that a lot of IT specialists in Germany still get most of their information from sources that are written in German. I have often met German programmers and developers who read and write their documentation in German only, thereby limiting their reach tremendously since English is the language of IT, eCommerce and cloud computing, not German.

This is probably one of the major differences between German and Ukrainian IT companies: In Ukraine almost all IT specialists get their information from English sources while in Germany a lot of professionals use German materials most of the time.


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