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Dear [FRIEND], in this video Michelle of English-Team explains how an American crop pot works. Michelle recorded the video in her kitchen in Florida and together with a group of 14 accountants who are learning English together with English-Team in Nordhausen, Germany we created the transcript which you will find below the video.itfinal
At the bottom you will also find a link to a forum post where you can ask questions and share you cooking experiences. Maybe you

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have been using a crock pot or a similar appliance too? If you like you like you can record a video showing your kitchen and send it us via email or Youtube.

Hello English language learners, this is Michelle from English-Team. Welcome to my kitchen. Today I’d like to show you a very, very typical American kitchen appliance. Okay, please look. Do you know what this is? Have you seen this before? Okay. This is called a crock pot. It’s also known as a slow cooker. So, in this you can cook a lot of delicious meals. So, let me show you some examples. Here is a cookbook especially for the slow cooker. So in here you can cook chicken dishes, you can cook soups, you can cook another kind of chicken dish, here is lamb, here is beef chili, and here are some beef ribs. So, as you can see there is a lot of different foods you can cook in this slow cooker. You can actually cook bread too, but I’ve never tried it. OK so how does the slow cooker work? All right! So, here we have the slow cooker and it has a lid. You can call this a lid or a cover. So. You remove it and you put inside your foods that you want to cook. So if your recipe calls for beef or for chicken, vegetables, chicken stock or whatever it is, you’re going to put it inside here. And usually with the crock pot you cook it all together at the same time. And what happens is over time, because the way this cooks with the lid is it cooks your food and it will make everything very tender, very moist and very juicy. So down here, you get your juice, OK. The dials will show you how you want to cook your food. So. What you do is plug it in and let me show you an American plug actually. So this is an outlet and this is an American plug it might look different than what you have in your house but this is very typical, well it’s the only kind of plug we have actually. OK, so to work this slow cooker I plug it in and then I go over here. You can see it’s blinking now. So, then I go over here and I choose if I want to cook the food low and high. If I choose low the food cooks longer. If I choose high the food cooks faster. A typical time that you’re going to cook any dish in here is probably between three to six hours, but you can do 8, 9,10,11 hours, it doesn’t matter. So, let’s say I choose low. Okay. So, over here you can see the button is now red. Alright. For low. And now I choose the time. It will actually increase the time by 30 minutes each time I press that button. After it’s done cooking what will happen is it will keep the food warm. It will no longer cook it but it will keep it warm so that when I come home I can have a warm meal. It’s very common for working people to use this item. And then what you do is in the morning before you go to work you put all your items inside and then when you come home you have a delicious meal to eat. Now, another exciting feature about the crock pot and specifically this crock pot is this. This piece can come out. OK. What’s great about this is, when the food is done and I want to clean it, all I have to do take is take it out. So, I can put this in a dishwasher or I can wash it by hand.1Z0-051
It’s much easier to do it this way than to work with this whole item to clean it. So this is my crock pot and I hope you learned a lot and I hope you enjoyed it. :) Dear [FRIEND], If you any questions or comments on the American crock pot video, please post them here: How does an American crock pot work?


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