<!–:en–>English language training through video messaging <!–:–><!–:de–>Englisch lernen mit Video Nachrichten <!–:–>

If you want to improve your English while saving time and costs, you can use our new English language training services which will increase your self-confidence. Here is how the program works. First, your English-Team trainer records a personalized video message for you. The message contains a task and can look like this for example:

You can watch and listen to the message whenever you have time and as often as you like. In addition, you can use the transcript function available from YouTube (it allows you to see the text of the audio message).

Once you have listened to the video message, you should then record a response using a video recording program such as Debut Video Capture Software. You can either send us your video via email or upload it to you YouTube in which case you can email us the URL of the video. Your English-Team trainer then analyzes your video message, evaluating your pronunciation, grammar, intonation and your body language. You will receive the assessment of your performance via video message which comes with a written text.

The video message you receive will also contain your next task. So you gradually start exchanging video messages with your English-Team trainer while practicing and improving your listening as well as your speaking skills. This approach has a lot of advantages over conventional English learning courses:

  • You can listen to the video as often as you like.
  • You can watch and listen to the video whenever you have time.
  • You can use the YouTube transcript button to read the text of the audio content.
  • In addition to learning new words and phrases, you also see examples of positive body language.
  • You can practice your speaking skills by recording your own video message.
  • You receive a detailed analysis of your speaking skills, your grammar, your pronunciation and intonation, your tone of voice, your choice of words and your body language.
  • You instantly start boosting your self-confidence.
  • You can ask your trainer to help you with specific tasks, such as preparing for a job interview, a company presentation, contract negotiations, etc.

At any point during this process, you can schedule an online meeting session with your trainer using Skype, Google Hangout or another video conference system. If you are interested in this service, please post some information about yourself here: English Training via Video Messaging


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    • I am glad that you want to improve your English and the simple mistake in the sentence written is proof.

      In this regard I suggest a one month basic English course and would be happy to teach you in respect of both written and spoken English.

      Norma Wright
      LCCI Business English Teacher / Trainer / Examiner

  1. Hi Mishal,

    Nice to see your video. For my upcoming interview from out of country I want to improve my English conversation as soon as possible. I am doing heard work to constantly read and learn English via your website.

    Please give me your skype ID if you are providing online training.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful video.

    • Hello Maahal,

      Thank you for your interest in working with me. Please contact me so we can discuss a plan for you. My Skype id is: interactinenglish


  2. I would like to improve my English, lack of communication causes some problems in talking and writing. I love English but I don’t want to make mistakes. I start forgetting words and phrases, and I cannot express myself as I did before.
    How can I improve my skills with your help? Thank you for the answer!