<!–:en–>Ukrainian investors build production plant in Colbitz<!–:–>

A production plant for the colouring agent beta carotene is to be built in Colbitz (Börde administrative district). Four Ukrainian investors want to invest around twelve millions euros in the production site of the newly formed company Ecobioton, as communicated by the Saxony Anhalt Investing and Marketing Corporation (IMG) on Friday. It is expected to create 37 jobs. A research and development department for quality assurance and further development is also planned.

Beta carotene is a colouring agent which is added to food, cosmetics and medicines, among other things. According to the IMG, the newly formed Ecobioton GmbH has succeeded in developing a unique technique worldwide to manufacture the colouring agent completely from natural substances and solvents.

The development of this innovative procedure is a response by Ecobioton GmbH to scientific investigations, consumer concerns about so-called E colouring agents and to the tightening of labeling requirements for synthetic colouring agents in foods passed by the EU parliament in 2010, said the authorized representative of Ecobioton GmbH and developer of the procedure, Oleksandr Rudas. Increased demands for natural food and care products, as well as the conversion of the industry to environmentally-friendly production methods, are also driving forces behind the procedure.

Haseloff applauds the location decision

Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff and Minister of Economic Affairs Birgitta Wolff (both CDU) applauded the investors´ decision to choose the location in Saxony-Anhalt. “I have been following the plans of the initiators with great interest for several years and I am glad that Colbitz has been chosen,” said Haseloff. This decision is a further example of the enormous importance of the A14 motorway and its extension with regard to future development of the Altmark.

Wolff stressed that the location of the company showed that Saxony-Anhalt has evolved into a place that enables innovative and research-based companies to be successful in the long term.

Pradeep Kumar Jain, one of the investors, particularly emphasized the advantages of the location. “We decided on the location due to its central position in Germany and Europe, he said. Good infrastructure allows all the clients to be reached without any problems. The company has already formed a long-term partnership with Anhalt University and collaboration is planned with Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg.1z0-042


<!–:en–>Ukraine Sees a Phenomenon Rare for Europe – Poverty-Stricken Employees<!–:–>

The economic monopolization and appalling conditions of business development – both domestic and foreign – result in technological underdevelopment and low demand for labor. As a consequence we see a phenomenon rare for Europe – poverty-stricken employees, the magazine Correspondent writes.

The magazine has two pieces of news from the labor market – a good one and not so good one. The good news is that the German concern REWE Group has opened its 24th Billa grocery supermarket in Ukraine. The bad news is that the company offers extraordinarily low salaries – about UAH 2,000, i.e. a third lower that the average in the country.

The journalist states that the answer to the question of why the global giant does not want to pay decent salaries is obvious – there is no reason to pay more.

The companies with yearly revenue in the millions – the large grocery retail networks, agricultural giants and even transnational corporations that have settled in Ukraine – keep hundreds of thousands of low-paid employees, the magazine explains.

The main reason for the low salaries is the fact that the Ukrainians agree to almost free labor due to the shortage for jobs which results from the narrowing of business activity. According to the State Statistic Service data 70,000 companies were shut down in 2012.

The second reason is the high fiscal pressure on the social safety nets and unemployment insurance, Correspondent writes. In Ukraine these rates are two times higher than, for example, in Germany. The third reason is the low labor efficiency and technical underdevelopment of domestic companies that yield a small wage share of the products' total value.

The head of the Committee of Economists of Ukraine Andrei Novak has stated the fourth reason is the low minimum wage. “The private sector is oriented onto the official minimum salary (UAH 1,143). It is the same even at the very successful companies”, the expert states.

The magazine gives another good example: Chernovitsi Garment Factory Arnica manufactures lingerie for the demanding European women of fashion. The world-known German brand Triumph International – is the factory customer.

It is a lucky break to get into the most profitable world market, the journalist writes, but even such favorable circumstances do not promote the factory tailors’ prosperity. On the average the salary of each of the 300 employees is about UAH 2,000, i.e. a third lower than the average in the country. This troubling situation is widespread in Ukraine. At the better part of the large and huge companies, the salary of the employees is extremely low despite the fact that the employers get a very good profit. For example, Lugansk company Alfa which supplies the automobile filters to Germany, USA, Poland, and South Korea pays its employees about UAH 1,800 a month.

The personnel of the grocery retail network ATB-Market is in the same situation. Despite the rapid growth (the network turnover in 2007 was USD 880,000,000 and in 2012 – over USD 2,200,000,000) the network offers its employees a salary of UAH 1,700 a month. As to what does not allow the companies to pay their employees more and how the corruption and fiscal pressure affect the companies’ opportunities, read the article in the new magazine Correspondent No 2 issued on January 18, 2013.


<!–:en–>Why is Typo3 so popular in Germany?<!–:–><!–:de–>Warum ist Typo3 so pouplär in Deutschland?<!–:–>

Typo3 is an open source content management system that has been developed by a group of programmers whose native language is German. Why exactly they choose the word ‘typo’ as the name for their product eludes me and I think they were simply not aware of its negative connotation. The interesting thing is that quite a large number of German companies use Typo3 while its total market share on an international level is just below 2%.

The only explanation I have for this phenomena is that a lot of IT specialists in Germany still get most of their information from sources that are written in German. I have often met German programmers and developers who read and write their documentation in German only, thereby limiting their reach tremendously since English is the language of IT, eCommerce and cloud computing, not German.

This is probably one of the major differences between German and Ukrainian IT companies: In Ukraine almost all IT specialists get their information from English sources while in Germany a lot of professionals use German materials most of the time.


&lt;!–:en–&gt;How corrupt is Ukraine really? &lt;!–:–&gt;&lt;!–:de–&gt;How corrupt is U&lt;!–:–&gt;&lt;!–:ru–&gt;How corrupt is U&lt;!–:–&gt;&lt;!–:ro–&gt;How corrupt is U&lt;!–:–&gt;

In Germany there is quite a lot of talk about Ukraine being a corrupt country where you need to bribe your way through life. It suits the German government and the German public to portray Ukraine as a backward nation that does not understand the basic principles of democracy. Now, when we talk about corruption we need to examine specific situations rather than using stereotypes and recycled opinions. I know that the vast majority of all Ukrainians are as honest and loyal as any nation in western Europe. As a matter of fact, there are areas where the Ukrainians might be even less corrupt than the Germans. Here is an example: The public transit system in Ukraine is

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pretty well developed, in many ways even more flexible and convenient than in Germany. In Ukraine you will find forms of public or semi-public transport we don’t have in Germany such as the Маршрутка (a privately operated fleet of shuttle vans that operate in any Ukrainian city). What’s interesting is how the payment system for busses, trams and vans works: You board the bus and hand the fare to the passenger standing next to you who in turn passes it down until it reaches the driver who sends your change back via the same route. The entire transaction takes less than a minute and provides you with great flexibility. Think about the pain you go through when you arrive in a German city and want to use a public bus. You need to find a booth or machine to buy a ticket which usually is rather complicated due to our complex tariff systems. Now, it would be easy to just hop on a bus in a Ukrainian city and take a free ride. So far, I have not seen this happen. To an ordinary Ukrainian, it wouldn’t even occur to rob the bus operator of the one or two hryvnia it costs to use the bus. Would such a system work in Germany? I’m not sure.

If you want see what people from around the world think about Ukraine, please read this forum thread: What are your associations with Ukraine?


<!–:en–>Leipzig: Volga-Dnepr takes on new maintenance hangar<!–:–>

The Volga-Dnepr Group has inaugurated a new hangar at Leipzig/Halle Airport. Up to three Antonow AN-124 fit into the new maintenance hangar. The maintenance of Boeing 747 and 737/A320 planes is also planned.

After a good year of construction, a maintenance hangar was handed over today to Volga-Dnepr Technics GmbH at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The building of a 30 metre high, 94 metre wide and 90 metre long hangar cost 17.7 million euros. For the time being, the hangar has been leased to the company for 30 years.

According to the data, the maintenance hangar disposes of a total area of 8,500 metres squared and provides space for up to three airplanes of types Antonow AN-124 and Iljuschin IL-76TD, as well as Boeing 747 or four Boeing B737 or Airbus A320.

Before the end of this year in Leipzig the C-check for airplanes of type Boeing 747 should be included in the portfolio, informed Volga-Dnepr today. Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 planes should also be serviced in 2014. By the end of 2013 a repair station for aircraft wheels and brakes will be put into service; there are also plans for the construction of a repair station for aircraft components, according to company statements.

The taking on of the new maintenance base by Volga-Dnepr opens another chapter of excellent and amicable cooperation, says Dierk Näther, general manager of Leipzig/Halle Airport. The only European maintenance centre for machines of type Antonow has already been in operation at Leipzig/Halle Airport since 2007.

The Volga-Dnepr Group began expansion of its operations in Europe in 2004. The company has had two Antonow AN 124 permanently based at Leipzig/Halle Airport since 2006, which are out and about on humanitarian operations worldwide as part of the SALIS project “Strategic Air Lift Interim Solution” for NATO states, said the company general manager of Volga-Dnepr-Technics, Ildar Iljasov. The machines used are from Ruslan Salis GmbH, a subsidiary of the Russian Volga-Dnepr Group and the Ukrainian Antonov Airlines.


&lt;!–:en–&gt;How does an American crock pot work?&lt;!–:–&gt;

Dear [FRIEND], in this video Michelle of English-Team explains how an American crop pot works. Michelle recorded the video in her kitchen in Florida and together with a group of 14 accountants who are learning English together with English-Team in Nordhausen, Germany we created the transcript which you will find below the video.itfinal
At the bottom you will also find a link to a forum post where you can ask questions and share you cooking experiences. Maybe you

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have been using a crock pot or a similar appliance too? If you like you like you can record a video showing your kitchen and send it us via email or Youtube.

Hello English language learners, this is Michelle from English-Team. Welcome to my kitchen. Today I’d like to show you a very, very typical American kitchen appliance. Okay, please look. Do you know what this is? Have you seen this before? Okay. This is called a crock pot. It’s also known as a slow cooker. So, in this you can cook a lot of delicious meals. So, let me show you some examples. Here is a cookbook especially for the slow cooker. So in here you can cook chicken dishes, you can cook soups, you can cook another kind of chicken dish, here is lamb, here is beef chili, and here are some beef ribs. So, as you can see there is a lot of different foods you can cook in this slow cooker. You can actually cook bread too, but I’ve never tried it. OK so how does the slow cooker work? All right! So, here we have the slow cooker and it has a lid. You can call this a lid or a cover. So. You remove it and you put inside your foods that you want to cook. So if your recipe calls for beef or for chicken, vegetables, chicken stock or whatever it is, you’re going to put it inside here. And usually with the crock pot you cook it all together at the same time. And what happens is over time, because the way this cooks with the lid is it cooks your food and it will make everything very tender, very moist and very juicy. So down here, you get your juice, OK. The dials will show you how you want to cook your food. So. What you do is plug it in and let me show you an American plug actually. So this is an outlet and this is an American plug it might look different than what you have in your house but this is very typical, well it’s the only kind of plug we have actually. OK, so to work this slow cooker I plug it in and then I go over here. You can see it’s blinking now. So, then I go over here and I choose if I want to cook the food low and high. If I choose low the food cooks longer. If I choose high the food cooks faster. A typical time that you’re going to cook any dish in here is probably between three to six hours, but you can do 8, 9,10,11 hours, it doesn’t matter. So, let’s say I choose low. Okay. So, over here you can see the button is now red. Alright. For low. And now I choose the time. It will actually increase the time by 30 minutes each time I press that button. After it’s done cooking what will happen is it will keep the food warm. It will no longer cook it but it will keep it warm so that when I come home I can have a warm meal. It’s very common for working people to use this item. And then what you do is in the morning before you go to work you put all your items inside and then when you come home you have a delicious meal to eat. Now, another exciting feature about the crock pot and specifically this crock pot is this. This piece can come out. OK. What’s great about this is, when the food is done and I want to clean it, all I have to do take is take it out. So, I can put this in a dishwasher or I can wash it by hand.1Z0-051
It’s much easier to do it this way than to work with this whole item to clean it. So this is my crock pot and I hope you learned a lot and I hope you enjoyed it. :) Dear [FRIEND], If you any questions or comments on the American crock pot video, please post them here: How does an American crock pot work?


<!–:en–>English language training through video messaging <!–:–><!–:de–>Englisch lernen mit Video Nachrichten <!–:–>

If you want to improve your English while saving time and costs, you can use our new English language training services which will increase your self-confidence. Here is how the program works. First, your English-Team trainer records a personalized video message for you. The message contains a task and can look like this for example:

You can watch and listen to the message whenever you have time and as often as you like. In addition, you can use the transcript function available from YouTube (it allows you to see the text of the audio message).

Once you have listened to the video message, you should then record a response using a video recording program such as Debut Video Capture Software. You can either send us your video via email or upload it to you YouTube in which case you can email us the URL of the video. Your English-Team trainer then analyzes your video message, evaluating your pronunciation, grammar, intonation and your body language. You will receive the assessment of your performance via video message which comes with a written text.

The video message you receive will also contain your next task. So you gradually start exchanging video messages with your English-Team trainer while practicing and improving your listening as well as your speaking skills. This approach has a lot of advantages over conventional English learning courses:

  • You can listen to the video as often as you like.
  • You can watch and listen to the video whenever you have time.
  • You can use the YouTube transcript button to read the text of the audio content.
  • In addition to learning new words and phrases, you also see examples of positive body language.
  • You can practice your speaking skills by recording your own video message.
  • You receive a detailed analysis of your speaking skills, your grammar, your pronunciation and intonation, your tone of voice, your choice of words and your body language.
  • You instantly start boosting your self-confidence.
  • You can ask your trainer to help you with specific tasks, such as preparing for a job interview, a company presentation, contract negotiations, etc.

At any point during this process, you can schedule an online meeting session with your trainer using Skype, Google Hangout or another video conference system. If you are interested in this service, please post some information about yourself here: English Training via Video Messaging