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Dear [FRIEND], You know that most of the materials and services we offer on our sites are free. That's important because the vast majority of our users live in emerging countries in Africa, Asia or the Middle East where resources are scarce and credit cards and PayPal rare. I'm convinced that by providing free services to those users now, we are helping them to get better jobs, raise their families and create a better future for their country. In a few years, the children of the people we are supporting now will pay us back for our efforts in one way or another.

We are not at all worried about that because we believe in the 'law of increasing returns' which says that whatever you do for or to another person comes back to you compounded. This law applies regardless of whether you do something good or bad. Usually, you receive the result of your action not from the person you did something for or to. You receive it from others and in most cases the reaction is several times removed from your initial deed.

For example, if you donate some money to a charity organization today, you won't get your money back from that charity organization. But mother nature will see to it that you are compensated for your act of kindness. If you donate money because you really want to help somebody and not because you want to get something back, you actually are paid back multiple times the amount you gave.

That's why I have always donated some money to somebody who had much less than me and it always gave me a good feeling. Here is just one example: Charity Event at Zfort Group.

I know that there are many children in Ukraine who would give everything for a loving pair of parents and a peaceful home. They don't have anything but for some strange reason they often are much happier and content than all those kids from rich countries who have virtually everything. The saying 'you can't buy happiness' is so true!

A couple of months ago one of our forum users from Pakistan asked me if he could donate just one dollar to our site to express his gratitude for the support he had been receiving from us. Up until that point, I hadn't thought about the fact that there actually might be some people who want to donate a few dollars to us so we can create even better materials and offer more services for free. So, Untaught from Pakistan became our first and only forum user who has tithed to us. You can see his profile here: I have donated to english-test.net!

Dear [FRIEND], if you feel like making a donation or tithing to english-test.net too, you can give any amount of money — no matter how small – by using this PayPal Donate Button.

Everyone who donates at least $1 gets a special forum badge and will be listed in our list of sponsors. We will also publish the amount that is being collected and share some of it with the kids in Kharkov.

Many thanks for your support.



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