<!–:en–>English language enclave in Leipzig: Lingustika GmbH<!–:–><!–:de–>Lingustika GmbH: Eine englischsprachige Enklave in Leipzig <!–:–>

There are quite a few international companies headquarted in Leipzig and one of them stands out because all their staff are native speakers of English from three different countries: USA, Australia and Ireland.itfinal

The company is called Lingustika and they provide business consultancy services to Leipzig based entrepreneurs and companies. Part of Lingustika’s portfolio is an individualized business trip package for German business people who want to establish contacts in the US. In addition to the German parent company there also exists a US subsidiary: Lingustika LLC.

The package includes a trip to New York City, a number of business meetings with prospective partners and clients as well as leisure activities such as alpine skiing. Such a trip is an excellent opportunity to learn English while meeting new people and doing business at the same time.


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