<!–:en–>English For Winners Russian Version<!–:–>

English For Winners is a unique program that shows you can improve your English language skills on a constant basis. It was first conceptualized in 2007 by me after I had been learning English as a second language for about 30 years. On top of learning English myself, I have also taught at least 2000 individuals face-to-face and thousands of learners online.

When I turned 6, my father, who was a Russian language teacher, taught me how to write and read in Russian. Since then I have been learning Russian and today my Russian is level C2. My wife’s native language is Russian and most of my friends and family speak Russian as their first language too, so it makes perfect sense to create a Russian language version of English For Winners. That’s exactly what my partner company, Zfort Group and I have been doing for the past few weeks and you can see the progress of the project here: English For Winners Russian Version.

As you can the new version of English For Winners will also be accessible through mobile devices since a lot our learners are using an iPhone/iPad, an Android device or a Windows phone.

The good thing about Zfort and English-Team’s partnership is that all Zfort employees are Russian speakers as well, so they can test the system and give valuable feedback as to how we can improve and develop the program even further.

One of my friends, Igor, who has already listened to the Russian audio version together with his wife, has asked me when there will be German version of English For Winners. Well, it’s on the list of projects for 2013. We are currently looking for a team of German speakers to support us in this endeavor.


<!–:en–>The best Christmas song ever: Yellin at the Christmas Tree by Billy Idol<!–:–>

So what is your favorite Christmas song ever? Mine is ‘Yellin at the Christmas Tree’ by the British rock star Billy Idol. I know that many of my friends don’t agree with me saying that this song is rather primitive and doesn’t reflect British culture at all.itfinal
Well, ‘Yelling at the Christmas Tree’ might portrait the British society in very subjective way but in the light of the recent Petraeus sex scandal I do think that the song shows some basic human behavior. The world is full of scandals and corruption and Billy Idol just shows us

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<!–:en–>Google Start Mobile Event in Hamburg<!–:–><!–:ru–>Google Start Mobile Event в Гамбурге <!–:–>

Aude Rigaud of Google Ireland sent us an invitation to take part in Google’s Start Mobile Event at Google’s German headquarters in Hamburg on November 14, 2012. Here is the agenda of the event:

  • Market Insights
  • Mobile User Experience
  • Monetizing our Free Android English Test Apps, Google Analytics for Mobile and more!
  • Google Analytics for mobile applications
  • Mobile Yield Management
  • Responsive Design
  • Additional Value through Mobile
  • Increasing Google Visibility by providing Mobile Experience
  • How to implement interstitials?

It’s the first time Google has conducted such a seminar in Germany. As a matter of fact, up until very recently I wasn’t even aware that there is a Google Germany GmbH located in ABC Street Hamburg. I really look forward to meeting the European Google and AdMob teams.

By the way, shortly after I posted this article, the Google search results for ‘Google Start Mobile Event Hamburg’ looked like this:

Google StartMobile Event Hamburg

Google StartMobile Event Hamburg


<!–:en–>iPhone/iPad beta testers wanted for TOEIC app<!–:–>

Hello everyone, if you are an iPhone/iPad user, you might be interested in testing the world’s first free TOEIC app for free. Below you can see the mock-ups Zfort Group are creating together with English-Team: iPhone/iPad TOEIC app. iPhone/iPad iOS TOEIC app Please let us know what you think of the design so far and if you want to test the beta versions of the apps for free. The apps will feature 5 full-length TOEIC tests with a total of 1000 questions (500 listening comprehension questions and 5000 reading comprehension questions) so you can test and practice your English anywhere you are while preparing for the official TOEIC test.

There will be a limited number of beta testers, so reserve your spot today either by posting here on the blog directly or

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using this forum thread: iPhone TOEIC app beta testers wanted


<!–:en–>Dextra-Law and English-Team go Biogas<!–:–>

Biogas power plants are one of Gemany’s major green energy resources. That’s why English-Team and the Leipzig-based law firm Dextra-Law have teamed up to launch a biogas power plant company called ‘Biogas.ag’. German and international investors now have the opportunity to benefit from Germany’s growing biogas energy industry.

This Thursday we are meeting with our first potential investor, a Ukrainian entrepreneur who has run his own airline in the United Arab Emirates, to negotiate the purchase of two existing German biogas power plants and we will be creating more investment opportunities in the German and Ukrainian biogas industries.

Below you can download an overview of the project in German. Also, we have acquired the two domains biogas.ag and bioenery.ag which we will use to promote our biogas activities: Biogas Powerplant Investment Opportunity

Here is the presentation in Russian: Biogas investment opportunity in Russian


<!–:en–>Project Plan 2013 (Part I)<!–:–>

With 2013 approaching it”s high time we created our business plan for the remainder of 2012 and the year 2013. Below you will find the projects we have already been working on and those we are going to start and realize by the end of 2013. Our most important strategic goal is to establish a strong Zfort Group Germany market presence. In order to accomplish this goal we systematically need to take the following steps.

1. Creating and marketing iOS TOEIC apps

This is our flagship project and product right now for various reasons. It”s Zfort”s corporate policy that they normally don”t invest any money in their clients” projects. However, since the iOS TOEIC has such tremendous potential, Zfort Group have decided to fund 15% of the development costs.

What”s more, Zfort Group are also going take part in marketing and selling the apps. In addition, Zfort is giving us mobile casino a very generous discount on the development costs which are already several times lower than the offers we have received from German and British iOS app development companies. You can see the progress of the project here: iOS TOEIC app project.

As you can see, there will be two versions, a free trial version with a total of 30 questions and a paid full version with 5 complete TOEIC tests. The beta version of the app will go online by mid-December and we are creating a list of beta tests. We will also feature the beta version through our email newsletter which is read by more than 100,000 people from more than 200 countries. Many of our newsletter subscribers are iPhone or iPad users, so we expect quite significant response and feedback.

2. English For Winners, phase II

English-For-Winners has been very successful and we have decided to offer the contents online for free in addition to the paid download version. Especially because of our partnership with Zfort Group and VOOMY IT-Park we have decided to also create a Russian version of English-For-Winners. You can see the progress of this project here: English For Winners (English and Russian)

In January 2013, we plan to conduct a series of English For Winners workshops for Zfort Group project managers. The workshops will be conducted partly in English, Russian and German. At the end of the workshop, each participant will get a detailed analysis of their English and German language skills, including pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, vocabulary, and body language.