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A little bit, but not very much, of history – this time of particular interest to bird watchers. At least you don’t need binoculars because storks are really easy to see!

Apparently white storks have a fondness for the Alsace region. They are supposed to bring fertility and good luck to any household on whose roof they nest. In the different villages where they nest someone has the responsibility to make sure that they are looked after. In 1988 France launched a repopulation plan and the storks have grown in number considerably since then.

Their nests are always very high up on the top of roofs and towers. Sitting in a car of course you tend not to see them but on one occasion while we were strolling through a park in a small village we caught sight of a pair busy tidying their nest on the top of a church tower. Then suddenly a thunderstorm broke out with lightning flashing all round and at precisely the same time the church clock started chiming the hour.

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For us simple human beings on the ground this sudden combination of natural and man made noises made us jump out of our skin. And the storks? Well, they didn’t bat an eyelid or if you can say this of  feathered creatures, they didn’t turn a hair, They had far more important things on their mind, like doing the housework.

Funny how humans and animals react in different ways. No doubt if you spend your days and nights right next to a striking clock tower, you get used to it. It certainly wouldn’t suit me.

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  1. Thanks for the essay Mister, nice can learn english together with you, :-)

  2. Thank you for your history, in spite of I have never been in France, I hope to go some day