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Dear [FRIEND], In the UK it is customary to be offered what is called a ‘full English breakfast’. That consists of bacon, eggs, sausages, fried bread and tomatoes. In France it is a much simpler affair and you also have to be far more sociable.

The next hotel offered breakfast on a quieter scale and by now we were well into the French style of greeting everyone as we had done the previous evening for dinner. None of this shuffling into the dining room the English way with a mumble and a subdued smile. Oh, no! You have to salute everyone with the appropriate phrase depending on the time of day. And that’s just on entry because you have to do the same as you leave and your neighbouring diners do likewise.

It’s a wonder there’s time to eat with all these salutations going on all the time. The only unusual feature of this hotel was the chiming from the bell from the church next door.  It struck the hour at the right time and then two minutes later it struck the hour again. I suppose you have to imagine that either the local community were  a little deaf or that they were very forgetful. It was almost as if they said to each other: What time was that? Then they thought about it and then listened out for the repeat.

Each hotel of course has its own special characteristics and that is part of the charm of travelling. It would certainly be very boring if they all looked the same and each hotelier behaved in the same way

Dear [FRIEND], have you been to France too? How did you like it? I would live to hear your comments and answer your questions on the forum here: Going French, part 3 I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Best regards, Alan Townend


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  1. Yes, I have been there, Versailles and Paris (me and my husband). I can´t say it was wonderful because we decided to rent a car. It was really a nightmare looking for parking anywhere in town. The city was beautiful and charming, but there were so much dogs´ droppings that we had to walk like we were in a mine field to try to avoid stepping on them. All those pigeons flying around which appears so beautifully on post cards, really stinks! I think they are beautiful, but I rather have them just on pictures!

  2. Being born in a country of Latin origin I think the way of being of French people familiar to me. I like France very much, especially Paris. When you’re in Paris everything looks like a beautiful film.

  3. Dear Alan.I have never been in France. But I see France on my computer and TV. So I never can afford it and see France till the end of my life.[It is my thinking.]I like French languages.
    Thank you very much for your attention.

    • hello,i am lan,i am vietnamese,i have never been in france,i would like to visit france someday,you know i knew some sisters of jehovah”s witnesses in france when they went to viet nam,i would like to meet them again in their country,i think it is great,how about you?

  4. Hi,

    It was an amazing subject that I’ve read. But very pit that I’ve never been to France. Of course, after y\r subject & y\r describe, would like to visit there. But actually, I”d love to visit Germany & to know about their hotel behavior; also if there some different style or something else.

    Thank U FYA

  5. Hello Alen, thank you for sharing your articles in this forum, I really appreciate them and I’ve learned a lot of english expression from it. I lived in France during several years (I was in Marseille, Lille and Versailles), I love France, I prefer Versailles, I did jogging each week in the forest near by (old hunting place of Louis XIV). On the autumn, all the streets are golden covered by golden leaves, you can only hear the birds and the sound when you walk on the leaves.
    In Marseille, I remember the team of cleaning in the city was often on strike, sometimes more than 3-4 days no person to clean the street or trash cans, it stinks.
    From what you’ve said in your article, I didn’t know the churches’ bell struck twice ? I have never noted that. Each city has it’s specialty in France.

    • Dear Alan
      I have never been in France but I liked your story thanks for sharing it
      with us . To tell the truth I like everything you bring. I think you are a great teacher and I’m luck to learn from you.
      best regards

      • hello,i am lan,i am vietnamese,i have never been in france,thank you for sharing your story with us,you are a good teacher,thanks again

  6. I went to France twice, many years ago and I don’t remember the hotels I stayed in.
    I remeber that I was quite surprised about the food not being that delicious I had always been told about, or the bed not being comfortable at all. Paris is a breathtaking city but I prefer London, maybe because I know it better.

  7. Hi Alen!
    No, I never had been there, but i Think hard on it. Thanks for share your experienses. Those are very usefull for futures decisions about places to know.
    This is the first time i participate here because i didn’t know how to do it. But now I’m here and please correct me! i want learn english!

  8. I like France very much, especially Paris. But I never been there, just see in movie.

  9. Thank you very much Alan for telling a very attractive writing, as if I were there to feel the atmosphere in that Hotel.

  10. Hi Guys! I was in France once. It was more than 3 years ago during my studies. I went to visit my friend in Reims. I can remeber that everything was cool for me. I really enojed my trip. Althoug that I had some accident and I was nearly to be in jail ;) I’m not sure that everyone know the most famous Cathedral in France? It called Notre Dame. I heard that the real one I mean this from the books is not in Paris but in Reims in place I satyed. Anyway first evening when I come to France, me and my friends went to hang out. We decided to drink some chapagne in the park close to Cathedral. When we wanted to open a bottle, somehow the cork poped dirctly to the Mark’s Chagall stained glass and going to knock it out.. But thank’s god it was too far. I tkink that because of this story I could become a famous one. Maybe in not good way… Cheers, Alice!

  11. No, I have never been to France.
    While writing this, I come to think that my statement is wrong.
    I have to admit that I have not been on a discovery journey throughout France, however, I happened to change planes in Paris. That was a rather terrible experience.
    I was on a trip to New Brunswick, Canada.
    Due to severe snow storms in Canada, my connection flight was more than 6 hours delayed.
    Each and every announcement was in French and in French ONLY. Unfortunately, I do neither understand, nor do I speak any French at all. In order to find out what the situation was, I tried to approach different airport personnel. After several attempts I gave up because people seemed to neglect me. I had the feeling that nobody was willing to communicate with me in a language that I may have understood. In addition, I experienced that the people whom I had approached came across very unlikable and snobby. The lack of communication brought about that I ended up staring at the information panel until my plane was declared for departure. As a result, I avoid the Charles De Gaulle International Airport. Nonetheless, I love French wines, especially from Burgundy :-)

  12. Dear Allan
    Nice to hear that story. I have never been to France, I like to go there , but currently I can not afford the cost. I hope one day i will do so.
    Stay blessed Allan.

    • hello,i have never been to france,i can not afford the cost,i hope one day i will do,i will go to there and visit some sisters of jehovah”s witnesses in france,thank you for sharing your story

  13. Hi Allan that sounds great but unfortunately I have never been in France. I woud love to visit one day.

  14. Dear Mr. Torsten
    In 2007 I was in Paris, the beautiful capital of Framce. I enjoyd so much from the schedul that my honorable host “La Post” arranged then. It was an official trip for a short time. Inspite of that I visited so many interesting places incl. the ancient palaces and that of the streets and the walk sides have been decorated very beautiful. I was taking my breakfast in the resturant of the hotel where I was statying. The breakfast always was very dilicious. It was up to your choice. the buffet was full of variety and different drinking as Tee, Cafe etc..as well as from the roast to jam, butter,chease honey,fruit each with different kind and different tastes. i enjoyed so much.
    I thank you so much for your invaluable cooperation on improvement my English language.

  15. Hi Allen!
    Yes, I have been in Paris twice. It is majestic and beautiful city. I love food over there and to walk during night time to different places. It is kind of expensive certain things, but I consider Europe is not cheap at all. I am planning to go back there and also visit my friends in Wuppertal, Germany, because it is very convenient to take the train from France to Germany and vice versa. I have been studying German for one year at the university, and I think it will be great to practice the language it with native speakers.
    Regards and a big hug from this small country in Central America, Costa Rica!

  16. Mr. Torsten
    In viewing different places, exploring different cultures, meeting lots of different people, I would love France as in my home country where I practice some similar foreign time challenges. I think to study their language is not that hard only the accent might be a little difficult to be heard.

  17. I’ve been in K.S.A. coz my father works in there for a living. It’s good there – nice and quiet city. I lived there before but now I’m here in our country together w/ my elder sister, her son and my relatives.

  18. Thank you for the information about france resturent but I never been to France

  19. Hi, sorry to intervene. I ve been living in London for 6 years and although I am neither a native speaker nor even a good english speaker, I d like to correct you: english people would never say/eat “fried bread” but “toasted bread” or even simplier “toast”.
    I thought you should know…:)
    Thank you

  20. Sorry Anemona, you are wrong. English people do say ‘fried bread’ but what they don’t do is spell the word ‘english’ incorrectly as you did ;-)

  21. Hi Anemona,

    I have lived in or near London for the past 76 years and I have probably eaten, as they say. more FRIED BREAD than you have had hot dinners!

  22. The word “English”was perfectly spelled. Maybe you wanted to say that it was not capitalized. ;)

  23. As far as I know, it could be a grammatical error, a capitalization error, but not a spelling error. When you capitalize a word, you don’t change its spelling.