<!–:en–>New International Leipzig Start-up company: Lingustika GmbH<!–:–>

Leipzig’s international business community has grown by the addition of yet another start-up company: Lingustika GmbH. As of now, the team consists of an anglophone triumvirate Ralf Meßmann, an Irish German entrepreneur who is 100% bilingual, an Australian investor and Kevin Bell, an American businessman who also runs 341Hilfe, another Leipzig based German/American firm.

Lingustika provides a range of international business consulting services, especially for German companies who plan to promote their products in the United States or even want to set up an American subsidiary. In addition Lingustika offers language services such as translations and business English training.

The company is also building two web-based business — an online language learning community and a shop where expats can order native food and candies they can’t get in any other store in Germany. In a few months you will be able to buy food from the UK and Australia at www.expatfood.de

As for the company’s name, ‘Lingustika’ is based on the words ‘linguist’ and ‘gusto’ since Lingustika GmbH offer language and business consulting services on the one hand and expat food delivery on the other.

Many people I have mentioned the company to have pronounced the name as ‘Linguistika’ and that’s also what Google suggests if you type in ‘lingustika’. However, over time Google will learn that Lingustika is a thriving online business because more and more people are going to search the term. Since Google analyzes how often the term ‘lingustika’ is sought, it soon will stop suggesting ‘linguistika’ when you type in ‘lingustika’. This is one aspect of modern SEO.


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