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Last afternoon about 15 participants of the BarCamp Jena took an active part in the English For Winners workshop delivered by English-Team.

We did the entire 60 minute session in English since all participants were at level B2 and above. During the seminar we collected a number of great ideas as to how we can improve our English even more effectively. For example, Martin Eckart, CEO of MAD Mobile Application Development GmbH said that he frequently speaks English with his wife to practice their language skills.

For the two TowerConsult junor recruiters Claudia Dietel and Daniela Just, speaking English is an essential part of their daily job activities since they frequently interview job candidates from EU countries such as Spain and Italy.

TowerConsult also said that there at least 3 active English language get-together’s (Stammtisch) in Jena and English-Team plans to write a report about this to see how active other German cities are in conducting frequent meetings with expats and English native speakers.

You can download a summary of the workshop here: English For Winners BarCamp Workshop.

After the session TowerConsult and English-Team had a meeting during which they discussed how both companies can collaborate in the future. As a first step, they decided to create and publish in interview covering questions of modern recruiting strategies in the IT industry in Germany, the EU and worldwide. The TowerConsult interview can have a similar structure and format as the Interview with Natalya Klimenko, HR manager of Zfort Group.

English-Team is going to speak with TowerConsult about inviting international IT companies to take part in the BarCamp Jena 2013 event. Interestingly enough, Olga Uchatsch of TowerConsult and one of the Bewerblog.de authors, greeted the BarCamp crowd by saying in perfect Russian: ‘Здравсвуйте ребята, как настроение?’ (Hi folks, how are you?’) As it turns out, Olga was born and raised in Kharkiv where English-Team’s web development company is headquartered. So Olga could take

In addition, Martin Eckart, CEO of MAD Mobile gave an impressive presentation of his company’s profile and services and English-Team is going to meet up again with Martin to design a project plan for a two new mobile web applications.

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