Commerzbank/Dresdner Bank BIC problem (English)

This is a translation of my original German article Commerzbank/Dresdner Bank BIC problem Commerzbank/Dresdner Bank BIC Problem In January 2009 Dresdner Bank was taken over by Commerzbank.Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest
The takeover was a long and complicated process which obviously hasn’t run completely smoothly. I have

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been a client of Dresdner Bank/Commerzbank since 1995. Since 2004 I have regularly received transfers from abroad, 99% of them from Google. Since April 2012 I have been waiting for a payment from LOVOO GmbH. I know the managing director of LOVOO personally and we have a good relationship. However LOVOO cannot pay me because my current account with Commerzbank still uses the old BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of Dresdner Bank. On July 21st Google Ireland sent me an amount which up till now still hasn’t arrived my account. My Commerzbank adviser considers it to be a coincidence that two payments sent from abroad at almost the same time cannot be received and says that everything should be fine with the Commerbank BIC. Here is an excerpt from the email which I received from her: “Hello Mr Daerr, the old bank sort codes and BIC code of old Dresdner Bank accounts remain unchanged. If you use Commerzbank codes it may be sent to the wrong account because the numbers still exist. Any changes will be communicated to customers.” And she writes further: “Hello Mr Daerr, our code is still DRESDEFF860. This has worked with all clients up to now and I have some companies which only make foreign business transactions. Would your client please contact his bank as unfortunately there is no other code that I can give you.” Here is her answer on the subject of Google payment: “Hello Mr Daerr, “Enquiries must always be initiated by the client. Google Ireland must make enquiries to its bank.” Google has automated almost 100% of its payment transactions and I doubt that an error has suddenly occurred at Google after making more than 100 payments to me. What particularly disturbs me about the attitude of my Commerzbank adviser is that she says that the transactions of all of its clients have worked. In other words: all the other customers are clever, only I am stupid. Here is the receipt that shows that Google has already made the payment to me:

No Google Payment

No Google Payment

We will see how this situation develops. Sooner or later I will receive both payments and then I will be all the richer for this important experience.Canada Goose Jackor Dam

2 thoughts on “Commerzbank/Dresdner Bank BIC problem (English)

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  2. Dear Sir, When I read this above particulars for your delay in payments from Lavoo/Google, You will have to create New
    Bank Identfer Code with Commerz Bank by cancelling your old
    (BIC) to get payments from both companies.

    Thank you