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There are tens of thousands of web design and web development companies. Some of them are good, some of them are excellent and others might deliver only mediocre quality. Ever since our website went online in July 2003, I have been researching the international web development industry looking for a web development company. After many attempts I finally found the ideal partner: Zfort Group – IT outsourcing company. Web development is an international industry. This means that customers and vendors often live and work in different countries and in most cases they communicate in English. Of course there are places on the Internet where you can find web development companies from around the world. Probably the most popular one is Elance, platform that even has a Wikipedia entry according to which its 1.4 million registered contractors have collectively earned more than $500 million to date. Many of the contractors come from outside the US with Ukraine being one of the top outsourcing web development countries. Interestingly enough, there are almost no contractors and clients from Germany which is probably because Germans usually don’t trust sites that are not available in German. I contacted and worked with a number of top companies on Elance and finally selected Zfort as my partner because they are just top when it comes to communicating and responding to my requests. Last week I visited them in person at their headquarters in Kharkov (Yes, that’s the city part of the European Football Championship matches took place.) to discuss current tasks as well as future projects. Alexander Lanin, Roman Shekin and Serge Andreyev did an excellent job and showing us around their premises as well as their hometown. All of them speak excellent English so they communicate pretty much with any business person. So far, Zfort have maintained and supported our site, English Test which has been quite tricky at times because the site is big and not very well structured. One of Zfort’s strengths is that they understand how to work in a team and with partners. That’s why have been getting along very well with Remsys, our server management company. Both, Zfort and Remsys are European companies who primarily target English speaking clients in the US and the UK and other European countries such as Spain and Germany. What Iike most about both companies is the fact they usually respond to any of my requests almost immediately. Depending on the nature of my

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question, they either act immediately or enter it as a task into their project management system. Shortly after I posted this article I googled the string ‘websites by Zfort’ and got the following result which shows how important a blog can be when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization):

SEO and Websites by Zfort Group

SEO and Websites by Zfort Group

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