August/September Blog Entries

Here is an overview of the blog entries I’m planning to post during the remainder of August and maybe the beginning of September:Nobis Kato

  • web development tasks for the remainder of 2012 (carried out by Zfort Group)
  • Chrome problem (Google Chrome stopped working a couple of weeks which is very annoying):

    Google Chrome Browser Problem

    Google Chrome Browser Problem

  • LOVOO translation update (We have been editing and improving LOVOO’s current English version of their Android and iOS apps and we are also going to offer them a Russian version of their LOVOO apps.)
  • New ideas on how to run government funded English courses (English-Team is conducting a number of English For Winners courses in Germany during the remainder of 2012 and we want to improve our delivery again.)
  • An article on SEO and developments in Ukraine (When you google the term ‘associations with Ukraine’ one of our forum threads comes up on top: Associations with Ukraineand there have been quite some interesting developments in Ukraine for the past couple of years. For example, I’m writing this blog entry from an apartment in Koktebel’, less than 300 meters away from the Black Sea shore.)
  • We possible will have a new client who wants us to organize and manage their Adsense activities (It’s a German start up company that is going to open an online store dealing with electronic devices and gadgets. The name of the company is made of the two German words for ‘consume’ and ‘factory’ — KonsumFabrik GmbH Leipzig.)
  • Another article on the differences between grammar rules and grammar patterns (A Canadian language specialist has recently started a forum thread on the differences between your native language and English as a second language raising the question of how to learn English grammar: Differences between English and one’s native language
  • Google Plus vs. Facebook (Which of the two big social networks do you prefer and why? How is Google Plus different to Facebook and what do they have in common?)
  • Why you should have your own blog and how to write and promote it. (Running your own blog has many benefits for your personal as well as your professional development. In this article we will cover how you can set up your blog, what to write and how often and how to make sure your blog articles are read by as many people as possible.)

Nobis Luna

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