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  1. Megan: today topic a question and I will so,eone to ask questions to everybody else who participating in the session.So maybe Marko asks a question and so on.Everyone asks a question TO evryone else. You’ll answer.
    Marko, would you
    Ike to ask a question to the group.
    Marko: of course.

    My answer would have been.

    In my whole life we have some pets. When we moved to Budapest, in the center of the ciy, in the fifth district ,I didn’t want to have a pet. It would be to complicated to have a dog or a cat. So about for ten years we haven’t had any pet. My daughter who is elder than my son she never asked us to buy to her any pet.
    But when my son learned to read the first book what he read was about a police dog. It was a true story. My son read this book of tree volumes ragged and he declared that he would like to have a German shepherd. I protested against it because I knew that a dog in a five-storied house what meant. My husband saw that he wanted a dog very much and he bought to him a very sweet six weeks-old German shephard.
    Of course he became our family member and evrybody loved him. Me also though I had to wake up every morning one hour earlier to take the dog for a walk before leaving for teaching. And when I came home after teaching I went again with HIM for a walk. Only in the evenings my son took HIM for a walk. From this time I had to cook not only for my family but for the dog also. If I remember this time I admire myself how I could stand so lot.
    This dog lived only 7 years, he died of pancreas cancer. When he died I saw for the first time my husband to cry. He cried with my son because they took him away to bury.
    After we told our boy that we will buy to him another German Shepheard. But Man proposes, God disposes. Few weeks later – he worked in an pet animal shop – somebody brought a dog that he found in the street. We looked for its owner but we never found him. So SHE was our second dog. Nobody could tell what kind of dog and we thought that she is a mongrel. And once when I took him for a walk a foreign car stopped and a young man came to me and asked where we bought this dog. He can say its a very extra type of dog, I am sorry I forgot now what kind of type he said. He told me this a very rare and then we look up in a dog-book, and really we found it. Its appearence was similar to a desert fox. My son loved her very much.When he recognized his future wife, she loved also this dog. At least she showed that she loved her until when they lived with us and the dog also lived with us. We could buy a flat to them and when they moved there slowly she put the dog in our charge more and more often. Once they sold their flat and they began to build a house with garden. They removed in our flat with the dog. When their house was almost ready my future daughter-in- law told my son -accidentally I overheard – “if the house will be ready this dog couldn’t come there”. My son told her don’t speak stupidity. I didn’t believe to my ears. I told my husband who loved his son and of course his future daughter-in-law so he didn’t take it seriously and he was angry at me why I believed that what she said she told not seriously.-he told me..

    And unfortunately I had been right. When the house was ready they took away the dog for a few months and they gave back to us. In that time I had been very ill so I couldn’t take care of the dog so my husband took back to them. But my daughter- in- law ( after ten years they got married) pesuaded my son to give away the dog to somebody. They bought a Hungarian type of dog, PULI, my son made somebody a present from his ten year-old dog who loved very much. I don’t tell what was the worse for me that I recognise an other face of my daughter- in- law or I told myself my son is a henpecked husband.

    I could difficultly diggest this story, but after a time I began to love back
    my daughter-in-law because she is a very good mother. She never quarelled with her children, never with my son.I needed some years to forgive this, but for today I forgot. Of course now I can remember, unfortunately.Now to bring the wole story to mind isn’t a good thing. Marko, why asked this question? I’M ONLY KIDDING!!!

    It is true that my son is a ‘money- maker’, she had to work neither in a work place nor at home. I remember that once my son was without work and they have hard days ,about for half a year. It was terrible for them.Then they have only one child, the child wasn’t changed, the flat was dirty and she didn’do anything.

    As we were poor for a long time when we were young, I remembered that a wife could lighten this situation. This was the other of my bad experiences with her.

    I see that they live very well from every aspect and my son didn’t notice these qualities of his wife. One thing is true that he got married her very difficultly because he said to everybody that “I couldn’t be a henpecked husband than Enikő’s father was in whole life” – he said this for ten years through but after…


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