ShuttleBike is the next big sports gadget!

My friend and business partner, Scott Warner Graham from London is full of brilliant ideas. Every time we meet or speak on the phone he amazes me with his creativity and business savvy. A few weeks ago he told me about an innovate way of advertising and promoting his language school, LeipzigEnglisch: He said he would buy a few city bikes and beach cruisers, put his adverts on them and give them away to students so they can ride them for free.

Simple yet brilliant.

We then developed this initial idea a little further, added some elements and soon a new company was founded: CityAdvertising GmbH. Now, one product we are going to offer and promote is called ‘ShuttleBike’, a water vehicle developed by SBK KIT, an Italian company. ShuttleBike is the ideal device for the Leipzig area: We have a huge and growing system of lakes that are interconnected through channels and waterways. Speaking of channels, a ShuttleBike enthusiast has already crossed the French/British Channel on a ShuttleBike.

We are going to contract Zfort Group, a web development company based in Kharkov, Ukraine to build our websites, and where in 2014 you will be able to rent and purchase a ShuttleBike to explore your lakes, rivers, canals and channels.

2 thoughts on “ShuttleBike is the next big sports gadget!

  1. Dear Torsten! You are totaly right that simple yet brilliant. Folloving this motto ,no idea should be despised. My idea I showed you ,could appear also helpful. I can assure you that my ideas, which no one hit there in Poland, have been converted into large objects. I don’t know if you took up any steps in that direction. I have never been in Bensberg and I’m not going to go there ,even so I was invited many times .But we are very close family,we were grown up in the same house and we meet every Summer in Żywiec. I think /after you said about your good intention to link Polish and German people/,you could perform at least one call to them. I don’t know the number of the phone nor the adresse but I can get it any time.
    I’m greeting You heartily. Alicja