Looking for English trainer in Leipzig

We are looking for an English trainer in Leipzig for the following courses:

Anfänger: ab Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011 bis ca. Februar 2012
von 17.30 – 19.00 Uhr
Inhalte: – Formeln für einfache Gesprächssituationen
- Informationen über die eigene Person geben
- einfache Informationen erfragen
- grundlegende grammatikalische Strukturen
- Ausfüllen offizieller Dokumente (z.B. Visaantrag)

Fortgeschrittene: ab Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011 bis ca. Februar 2012

von 19.30 – 21.00 Uhr
- Ermitteln der Vorkenntnisse – Anwenden von Informationen in verschiedenen Zeitformen

- Erlernen schwieriger grammatikalischer Strukturen (z.B. Bedingungssätze, Bet365 sitt mobil passer til iPhone, iPad og Android enheter og er fylt av spill som European Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Jacks or Better video poker, Keno, Pop Bingo, Rock Paper Scissor og noen av Playtech sine mest popul?re spilleautomater som Goblin’s Cave, Desert Treasure og A Night Out. indirekte Rede) – Handhabung typischer Situationen (z.B. Einkaufen, Restaurant, Hotel)

The pay rate is 9 EUR per unit (45 minutes). You will get access to course materials and resources.

You need to be able to give some of the instructions in German.

I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,
Torsten Daerr

PS: Here you can download the worksheets and handouts: http://englishtest.mobi/forum_mp3/documents-export-2011-10-25.zip


24 thoughts on “Looking for English trainer in Leipzig

  1. Torsten,

    Would love to do it – travel time is just about the same at Havelberg – driving 1.1/2 hours and train just over one hour.

    What age is the age range of the group and the professional level of the group and what type of English do they need to learn TOEIC – LCCI – TEOFL.

    Lastly, what is the hourly rate.


    • Hello Norma,

      There are 10 people people in the beginners group and 5 in the intermediate group (4 of whom have already taken a course with us before). It’s a private course which means they participants are paying for it themselves. Most of them need English for private purposes, some of them need it for their jobs. The rate is 9 EUR per 45 minutes for each group. Please let me know if this answers your questions.

      Many thanks,

  2. 9 euro an hour? Is that a typo? Would be interested in a Leipzig course but tell me I dont have to earn the same as a waitress to do it…

    • Dear Donna,

      Many thanks for your response. As for your question, I have no idea how much you earn as a waitress since we are looking for English trainers, not waitresses.

      Yes, the pay rate is 9 EUR but not for an hour but for 45 minutes which is three fourths of an hour.

      Best regards,

      • What awful pedantry. It’s laughable. And terribly sickening…

        And yes, I know what a teaching hour is Torsten. At 9 euro an hour you’re not going to attract many qualified / native speaker trainers but if your students are happy with that then I suppose you’ll make a quick killing.

        • Hi Donna, the class consists of a small group of people who are paying for the course themselves. You might have heard of the Volkshochschule. This school is similiar. It offers English courses at a very low price. As for the English trainer, they do not need to be qualified native speakers. The term “qualified” is quite vague anyway. It is a job for a trainer who is enthusiastic about their job and their learners. 9 EUR a unit might not be the highest rate but it is not the lowest either.

          At any rate, I do not have any influence on the pay rate since English-Team is only a subcontractor of that particular school. I will not be making a killing, I have been an English trainer since 1998 myself and I know how important it is to pay the trainer a fair price. Believe it or not, in this instance 9 EUR is more than a fair price. However, I do not intend to persuade you or hire you. I know you accept only high paid jobs.
          Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this issue.

          Best regards,
          PS: As an English trainer you should try to avoid any typos.

  3. Hi Torsten,
    I can do this job only at 12th and 19 th January 2012.
    I wish you a creative week.
    best wishes Uli.

  4. I’m also free, but might need a few days off in between. I’m very flexible.

  5. €9 an hour is so offensively low it boggles the mind. That kind of pathetic pay rate is bad for the whole industry. Some of us are actually experienced, take the job seriously, and are trying to make a living at it(which entails paying taxes, health insurance, pension contributions, etc..) So paying some native-speaker (or non”.. Who knows..) with a pulse to just show up is a slap in the face to the whole industry.

  6. Hey Torsten, will you come over and clean my car? I’ll only charge you €9 an hour to do it..

    • Hi Teacher Pete,

      I doubt that you have any experience in cleaning cars professionally so the €9 an hour would be a total waste of money on you.

  7. @ Torsten and other potential teachers

    NOBODY works for €9 per 45 minutes, or 60 minutes, or even 30 minutes in Leipzig, except maybe a slow waitress.
    Put it this way, I don´t know anyone who works for less than €12, but even that is rock-bottom here. There are heaps of schools offering more to un- or semi-qualified teachers. Qualified teachers can expect €15 or more.
    This deal looks highly unprofessional.

    I don´t think there´s anything else to add.

    • Hi Old Hand, many thanks for your interesting comments. Apparently you don’t know much about the job market in the Leipzig region since I have recently worked myself for under 9 hours an hour. You might have heard that in every industry there is a price scale for any given service. This particular school is charging its clients 3 Euros an hour. Since there only 4 learners in the beginners group and the school still needs to pay for advertising and their overhead costs, 9 hours per 45 minutes for a trainer with little or no experience is a very good rate.

  8. €9 an hour is so offensively low it boggles the mind. That kind of pathetic pay rate is bad for the whole industry. Some of us are actually experienced, take the job seriously, and are trying to make a living at it(which entails paying taxes, health insurance, pension contributions, etc..) So paying some native-speaker (or non”.. Who knows..) with a pulse €9 to just show up is a slap in the face to the whole industry.

    • Hello Paula, thank you very much for your comments. Could you please tell me what exactly you know about the industry you are referring to? Have you ever run a language school in Leipzig? If so, do you have any idea what it takes to get a class started? Do you know how much money and time you need to invest to get to the point where you actually can charge your clients? What exactly entitles you to earn more than €9 per 45 minutes? Who are you? All I can see is that you are using a free email service advertising a German Internet company. You come here and the first and only thing you do is complain about a job you are offered. If you don’t like the conditions, then move on and get busy making some productive contributions.

  9. Torsten,

    The last two weeks with the intermediate group we worked on the following:

    Simple Past: Introduced the concept using regular verbs. We worked through several exercises including conjugation, word order, & turning sentences from present to past. Also introduced irregular verbs and worked on vocabulary. Discussed some words to look out for that have homonyms (i.e. Road, Rode, Board, Bored)

    Past Perfect: Basic introduction in the 2nd class. Plan was to fully introduce and work the concept this upcoming Thursday.

    ESL Library Travel Handout: Have worked through page 5 on the handout while incorporating simple past as well as new vocabulary. Have had the students work through the excercises in group and the speak about their answers. Plan for upcoming Thursday was to work on pages 6, 7 & 8 while utilizing previous vocabulary and simple past and past perfect.

    Hope this helps.


  10. Hi Torsten,

    here’s my report for the first 2 lessons in the beginner’s course. I started with an introduction presenting English words that are used in German language quite frequently to open the student’s minds and to show how many English they already understand. I continued with a small dialogue ( Greeting, How are you, What’s your name, Where are you from…). The students then worked in groups and presented their results in class.

    In the second seminar, I started with the dialogues again. Afterwards I introduced numbers and what they can use them for (e.g. birthday, telephone number, years).
    I will continue with that in the next seminar.

    So long,


  11. Hi Torsten,

    here’s my next short summary. In the beginner’s course I was talking about numbers and the alphabet in the last 2 weeks. The students played a little game in class (guess my number). Afterwards we dealt with the time of day and in the end we started with the alphabet.

    Last week, we continued with the alphabet (Spelling names, E-mail addresses, etc.) and then I started with some more information about a person (address, company, job…). The students started to create a business card which they will continue this week.


  12. The next report:

    Last time I continued with personal information using business cards. The students practised teh new words filling in missing information from their partners. In the second part of the lesson, I provided different listening tasks dealing with all the vocabulary we had in the last few weeks.

    That’s it for now,


  13. Intermediate Group.

    What has been covered so far:
    Simple Past
    Past Perfect
    Prepositions of Time and Place

    Just started:
    Subordinate clauses – introduced basic subordinate conjunctions, i.e. because, rather, regardless, until, even though…etc. Have discussed how to identify conjunctive words in order to establish how subordinate clause refers to main clause. Have reinforced simple past and past perfect throughout, as well as by focusing on use of prepositions of time and place.

    We have completed the travel work package, and have moved onto the recreation packet. We have reinforced grammar while introducing vocabulary with a focus on speaking. I had wanted to have students speak for at least 45 of the 90 minute class, whether by reading aloud, by conducting role plays, or just simple discussions over current events, travel plans, vacation time etc…

    Since three classes have been missed for various reasons, the group had proposed to make them up on the Thursday following the next terms Wednesday night classes.

    Hope this helps.



  14. Hi Torsten,

    here comes my report about the last weeks.
    Let me begin with the intermediate group. We started with some revision of grammar and verb tenses in the first lesson – this took quite a lot of time. We then talked about holidays including dialogues (how to book a hotel room, my “dream-holiday”, etc) in the next lesson. The last unit in January was about tenses again and some role-play (receptionist and tourist). However, there was no course this week.
    In the beginner’s course, we dealt with different grammar structures containing do-questions, polite questions (can,may,could,would), adjectives (in, on, at,). We then also started a conversation about holidays ( facilities, how to fill out a booking form, reserving and booking a hotel room, reading comprehension), had little role plays and talks as well as a quiz about the European Union and its great travelling destinations. There was no course this week either.